Would You Go To A Hello Kitty Cafe?

hello kitty restaurant

Because they just opened on in Bejing.

We’re of two minds about this. On one hand, we feel like we’re grown up women, and we really probably should stop squealing over kittens and the color pink by the time we hit 20. Perpetuating that behavior after that point just seems like some kind of ploy to seem girlish and non-threatening, and that would be forced and a little irritating. For everyone. Lauren Bacall and Gene Tierney weren’t running around giggling over chairs made to look like cartoons.

On the other hand, they made that cappuccino foam into an awesome cartoon. So, yeah, we’d probably go. For the cappucino foam! Only that!

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    • Magda

      I feel like adult women that have an obsession with Hello Kitty have deeper issues that have to be addressed.

      Most adult girls that I know that have Hello Kitty paraphernalia have turned out to be closet psychos.

      • miinxi

        Lighten up! Im sure you dont know EVERY fan of hello kitty in the world. Its a cute cartoon cat, how is that closet psycho material?

    • Winter

      This is why I have a 6 year old daughter. Purely so I have a passport to squee at the Hello Kitty cafe.

    • Danielle

      Hell yeah I’d go there. The only thing I miss about living in New Jersey is the San Rio store in Garden State Plaza.

    • Jun

      It’s Asian pop culture and Hello Kitty is loved by every one in all ages. Hello Kitty cafe is not even a big deal when there is Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo.
      What’s wrong with Hello Kitty, while millions of people whore over Mickey Mouse and go to Disneyland, which is a much bigger obsession problem than a little Hello Kitty cafe?

    • Kayla
    • Nancy

      I’d totally go there! And no I’m not a psycho, and I don’t own any Hello Kitty things, except possibly a pair of pj pants my mother gave me. But I did watch Hello Kitty when I was a kid and I loved it! Plus, the decor and, like you said, awesome foam faces make it seem like a fun place to check out.

    • forhim316

      My 4 year old daughter and all her little friends love hello kitty and I would love love love to have a birthday party for her at a hello kitty cafe! It would just make her day!!!!