‘Miss New York’ Contestant Makes Awesomely Weird Pageant Application Video

Look out, Miss Teen USA pageant. A New York state resident named Laura Hajek is entering you, and she’s going to expose you to a confusing new type of humor called “funny weird, not funny haha.” You might want to sit down.

While most pageant applicants make videos detailing their love of world peace and hatred of evolution, upstate NY resident Miss Glen Falls decided to go a different route with an absurdist short in which she gets interviewed for a fictitious talk show hosted by a puppet named Sheldon Crest. There are many charmingly awkward moments in the interview, but really, she had me at “What’s your favorite Lou Reed album? And don’t say Transformer, because that’s so said.”

Miss Hajek does a good job holding her own against the cantankerous puppet, who accuses her of saying she likes New York-themed things because she’s running for Miss New York, and not because she actually likes them. The nerve. The credits reveal that she wrote the whole thing in cooperation with Nolan Murphy, who played the puppet, so good for her. Even if she doesn’t win Miss New York, I predict this talented young lady will win a wider audience, the better to fund her strange video projects.

(Via The New York Observer)

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    • Laura Hajek

      I am competing in Miss New York USA (not miss teen) and also competing for the people’s choice award. You can help me win by sharing said video via this website: http://www.dyyno.com/g/missny2012/m/?ch=laurahajek

      Thanks for the acknowledgment.

    • Taylor

      that was so funny/totally weird/original

      i hope she wins, she is precious and looks like christina ricci