The Anorexia Fridge Is Here!

sarah goldfrab fridge

Have you ever thought “sure, I like my fridge, but I really wish it were more of an asshole who told me to only eat kale?” LG is on it!

They’ve developed a new fridge – to be released for around $3,100 later this year – that allows you to program your BMI and weight loss goal into it. It then scans every item that goes into it and “tells you when you’ve made an unhealthy choice.” It knows that you’re opening the fridge because of voice activated software, so if you want to go off your diet and sneak in a chocolate bar in there, you should try to speak in a comical Darth Vader voice. Or, alterntively, just leave everything unhealthy in great decaying piles around your countertops. Either or.

But it’s worth it, because I love it when inanimate objects in my household literally shame me. You know who else does? Sarah Goldfarb.

Bon appetit, everyone!




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    • Meghan O’Neill

      Hahaha! So fitting that you used the scariest fridge in the world as the picture for this! I was completely terrified when it came after her in the movie.

      Now an even scarier fridge exists.

      Nightmares for days!

    • rita

      i actually love it. my fiance (who is completely supportive of my body no matter what issues i have with it)always questions me when i go to snack at random times … “what are you doing??” … then i have to say “eating for no reason; i’m hungry; just having a snack” and it makes me realize i don’t need it. also, he’s a chef and makes me awesome, satisfying meals and i really don’t need it. whenever hes not home i pig out and feel awful after.

    • Harriet Brown

      Are you kidding? First off, the heading for this post is offensive. Anorexia is not a joke. Neither is it a weight-loss choice. Anorexia is the deadliest psychiatric illness there is, bar none. It kills 20% of those who are unlucky enough to contract it, and makes the rest live lives of hell. Your flippant use of it in this context is horrifying.

      Second, there is nothing wrong with eating when you’re hungry. That hardly constitutes “pigging out,” a term that is also offensive, frankly. Demonizing food, volunteering for self-shaming–these lead to more and more disordered eating patterns. It’s nothing to celebrate, even in a sarcastic way.

      • Taylor

        totally agree!