Men Tell Us: If Democrat Or Republican Women Are Better In Bed

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Look, at TheGloss, like some deranged fortune cookie, we’re all partial to believing that whatever our political party is parties the hardest…in bed. But then, we’re not sleeping with a bunch of different women. So we went to men who are, and asked them whether they found Republicans or Democrats to be better in bed. We’ll also asked whether they were a Democrat or Republican to see if they were biased towards their own party. The answers will probably surprise you.

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    • Sam

      So basically the grass is always greener? Everyone thought the other party…

    • Maria VS

      The appeal of sleeping with the ennemy, I see…

    • LaLa

      Republicans are good, Democrats are better, but Libertarians are best!

    • MR

      I’ve only slept with bohemian women – yes, they are their own political party and really great in bed. Henry reminds me of those preppy guys when I was in college, and Reagan had just been elected. They wanted their girlfriends to be whores and the wives to virgins – yeah, typical Republican mindset. If I had to guess I’d say Cam hits the nail right on the head, plus I really liked his picture.

    • Rick Santorurrum

      I have never met a Republican woman yet that is capable of having an orgasm.
      Not that it matters one bit to me.

      • Goldie

        “Not that it matters one bit to me.”

        Sounds like all the non-Republicans you’ve been with are faking it.

    • Goldie

      I dunno, it sort of sounds like they’re all extrapolating based on stereotypes, not speaking from actual experience. Every answer contains an explanation– Democrats are like this politically, therefore they do this in bed. What?

      I want to know how many people these guys have slept with and how many of those women actually voiced their political leanings. I don’t think I knew the party affiliation of most of the guys I’ve been with… I dunno, maybe that’s just me.

      Also, is the whole crying after sex actually a thing?

      • reggie

        I totally agree Goldie. Do these men have time machines? Are they sleeping with women from the 1970s? Pent up/loose seems to be the prime distinctions drawn along party lines here, and from my experience neither generalization is accurate anymore, if it ever was.

    • Steph

      An actual study on this would be cool. I married a Republican even though I’m a Democrat and I guess I never thought about it.

    • Elle

      It should say “If Democratic or Republican Women…”
      “Democrat” is a noun; “Democratic” is an adjective.

      • Nancy

        Ooooooh! Thank goodness you said that, I had no idea what was going on in this article at all because the “ic” was left out. Now I get it! Grammar police to the rescue!

      • Elle

        I’m really glad I could help you, Nancy!

    • crayon3448

      I don’t understand the photo of the 2 women on the main page, since the rest of slideshow features donkey/elephant photos. Since the women are not labeled as to which party they belong, I’d like to think the Republican is on the left and the Democrat on the right.

    • Avodah

      I dunno. Seems like a bunch of nasty stereotypes about women and sexuality and people who are members of political parties.

      • Blakely

        Because that’s all it is.

      • Eileen


    • Jane

      “Because they feel like they need to push boundaries and be free and progressive and shit”?

      Or, you know, maybe it’s because they actually enjoy having sex freely and with fewer or no boundaries. Opposed to women who feel religious guilt over sex, which most likely are going to be Republican.

    • Brooke

      Pictures of the guys would be nice. I’d like to judge their looks :)

    • Tania

      Hahah, I love that except for Independent guy, they all chose girls from the opposite political leanings.

    • Eileen

      It’s not exactly scientific, is it? How big are those sample sizes? I mean, I often say Catholic boys are better in bed, but I hooked up with exactly one Jewish guy who had problems getting it up and one Protestant who threw up on me. Not exactly a fair survey.

      As for politics I’m the first Republican girlfriend my bf’s ever had, the only one who ever got on top, and the only one who wasn’t a virgin.