Lana Del Rey Shows Off Her Modeling Skills, Gets Breathlessly Profiled In V Magazine

In the latest issue of V Magazine, newly anointed indie model Lana Del Rey can be seen practicing her sultry gaze in a retro-glamor-filled editorial. Does this portend great modeling to come, or should she stick to writing songs for the soundtrack of One Tree Hill? Here are all the photos, accompanied by the four most ridiculous quotes from the breathless, ass-licking puff piece that accompanies it. (To the singer’s credit, none of them come from her.)

(Via V Magazine)

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      “Outside of the obvious physical evidence, she’d said several things in the preceding interview that convinced me of her specialness.”

      This is so embarrassing.

      • Jamie Peck

        Yeah, I was kind of shocked to read that in V.

      • Ella Jane Goeppinger

        If wearing a fake wedding ring on the metro to keep from getting hit on by creepers makes you a star then WHERE IS MY TRAILER, BITCHES?

    • Cranberry

      She’s certainly beautiful and talented albiet a bit boring… but geez, is this a sign of things to come? I hope not… How else do you treat the daughter of a billionaire though?

    • MM

      I’m really not that familiar with this woman but I am pretty appalled at the quality of the writing.

    • Fabel

      The quotes are terrible, wow, your description of them didn’t even prepare me. But the llama is pretty great.

    • Christina G

      “Her enormous, ghetto hoop earrings were crashing against her face in the wind.”

      Holy hell, I don’t want to hear about anything crashing against her face, be it windy or not.