Why Lindsay Lohan SHOULD Play Elizabeth Taylor

lindsay lohan elizabeth taylor

No, I’m completely serious.

Here at TheGloss we love Elizabeth Taylor. A lot. Bunches. All the bunches. Not just because she wrote a book about her pet chipmunk, although that’s one good reason to love her. Also because she was a great actress and a style legend and a wit.

Meanwhile, we have… super conflicted feelings about Lindsay Lohan. We kind of want her to get better, but we also kind of think she’s a spray tanned mess who is mostly just good at being naked in Marilyn Monroe themed photoshoots at this point.

That said, Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie makes perfect sense. Puzzled? Here’s why.

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    • Kj

      I totally agree, actually! Plus I think that Lohan actually looks like Taylor – a lot more like Taylor than Marylin Monroe, in fact.

    • Jessica

      This push to repeatedly mold Lindsay Lohan into the glamorous starlet of yester-year just seems like such a waste. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor had a quintessentially feminine appeal, a certain mystique, that Lohan does not have. Turbulent lifestyles are a dime a dozen, having one doesn’t qualify you to portray all others. It seems to me that Lohan is most appealing when she’s shown with some semblance of herself, but on the rare occasions that we see glimpses of her as a person it’s always within the context of her being a wreck.

    • tris

      WHY is 9-year-old Lindsay’s arm a bloody stump in the second slide?!

      • Lisa


      • Lady Badger

        I noticed that too!!! WTF?!

    • Patricia

      I realize this statement makes me a freak; but I like Lindsay Lohan and hope she’ll not only stop taking drugs and drinking but also that she’ll realize that platinum blonde is just plain wrong.

    • Sarah

      Have you looked at the Lohan/Taylor photo’s side by side? Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women on the planet and the Lohan masquerade of Ms. Taylor is just hideous. Find a beautiful unknown to play Elizabeth, but please don’t try to pass off Lindsey Lohan as Ms Taylor. I don’t have an ax to grind concerning Lohan and only wish she could get better and clean up her act, since she is young and talented, buy she is all wrong to play Taylor.

    • Wtf?

      They should of chosen someone more beautiful like Christina Aguilera to play Elizabeth Taylor, she sure comes a lot closer than this hideous slut named Lindsey Lohan.

    • Sabrina

      I think that she is a perfect match to play Taylor! I can’t wait to see it! I think Lindsay Lohan is beautiful, and yeah, she has some issues to sort through, but don’t we all?!

    • Andi J

      I see Liz Taylor as a mature woman with loads of sex appeal. She has that special something most of us women would like to see in ourselves.
      Lindsey Lohan on the other hand comes across more like a spoiled child, she does in no way come across like a mature sexy women.
      I have to say, even her side by side picture; she looks sluddy while Liz looks elegant….a word I would not use for Lindsey.