Playboy Ad Features Naked Women Forming A Bunny Shape

There’s little more that I can say to describe this ad, so I’ll just jump to how it makes me feel. Usually I like Playboy a lot. I like the photos, the articles, and the idea of women not feeling ashamed of their naked bodies  (although of course, the magazine could deign to offer a more diverse representation of beauty).

But this ad, honestly, it makes me uncomfortable. It’s because the women in it look like ants. And I just don’t like that.

[via copyranter]

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    • Holly

      It kind of grosses me out. It’s a weird cluster of things that I want to take a broom to and spread about.

    • Kj

      Grossssssssssss it kinda looks like the wall in the “house of pain” in Jeepers Creepers :S

      • Rebekah Mae

        YES! I was thinking that this reminded me of something horribly creepy and Jeepers Creepers is it!

        This also kind of reminds me of like…a bucket of worms or something, I keep expecting them to start squirming all over the place and it makes me horribly uncomfortable.

    • Rebecca

      Every single one of these women is white.

    • Kylie

      That’s exactly it. They look like “things” not people. These women have been objectified to provide an “aesthetically pleasing” image to the primary consumers (straight, white males).

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Gross. Just gross.

      Plus shitty art direction and, as Rebecca pointed out, whitewashed.

    • Zachary

      I love it. It is beautiful, human, simple, clean, and SO Playboy. I reckon I feel like everyone should express themselves and the way Hugh is expressing himself through his brand right here happens to work really, really well IMHO.

    • Cieniu

      Author of the photo is polish photographer Marcin Wasiolka. That was made for contest Fotoerotika 2012 and got grand prix

    • TheSpotter

      Did anyone notice that almost all of the women are… Ahem, pleasing themselves?