Video: Young Bigot Protests Admission Of Trans Girls To Girl Scouts By Proposing Cookie Boycott

Remember the heartbreaking story of the potentially transgender “boy who likes girl stuff” who was initially denied entry to the Girl Scouts of America because he had “boy parts”? As previously reported, that incident led to a press release clarifying that Girl Scouts of America accepts all female-identified children, whether they’re trans- or cisgender. While Girl Scouts is, on the whole, a fairly open minded and welcoming organization, the news didn’t sit well with some of its more conservative members, and now one little bigot-in-training has made a video protesting the policy.

In a frighteningly robotic tone of voice, the young lady repeatedly states that it’s not “safe” for the cisgender girls to be in the same troops as trans girls, and repeatedly refers to the trans girls incorrectly as “transgender boys.” “You can be yourself and who you are, and not something that you’re not,” she states pointedly of the scouting experience, which is ironic, seeing as by coming out as transgender, kids are being themselves. She also calls the policy an “adult agenda” of “transgender promotion,” utterly ignoring the fact that these are transgender children she’s discussing.

It’s sad to see any child spewing ignorance like this, but they usually didn’t come up with it on their own, so perhaps GSUSA should take this as a sign that they need to do a better job educating their troop members about people with non-traditional gender identities, to counteract whatever bullshit they may be learning at home. Trans girls don’t pose a “threat” to cis girls, but bigotry certainly poses a threat to them. The other silver lining to this teachable moment is that the girl’s goal is to get you to boycott Girl Scout cookies until the organization starts discriminating again, which gives you an airtight excuse to call up a Girl Scout right now and buy all the Thin Mints you can fit in your freezer.

(Via Jezebel)

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    • Cassie

      this girl’s attitude and demeanor are eerie.

    • Christal

      I can’t understand how someone who does not seem to know what transgender girl/boy means can say such things, record them and post this on the internet! She even wrote all of it down and is a robot or learned all of it by heart.
      I think she thinks that transgender girls are just boys who are applying to girl scouts to sexually harass the girls? Or that the girls start changing their sexuality because of them? That makes no sense at all.
      And she wears her cross and mentions that her family was shocked too. So she has a very christian upbringing I guess and is completely conservative. But being religious does not mean being a bigot! Someone should tell her this one.

    • Rebecca

      Going to buy lots of cookies now. Way to go, GSA, for teaching acceptance!

    • Mecca

      You are a douche. I would spend time to make a valid argument and teach you something to dispel your obvious ignorance but people like you are foolish. No matter how many valid points I make you will still believe what you are saying is acceptable. I just want to let you know that I am going to buy a shit ton of Girl scout cookies you bigoted asshole.

    • David

      I love the incoherent nature of the argument.

      They let transgendered boys in from kindergarten to grade 12. BOYS REACH PUBERTY BEFORE GRADE 12!!! (women reach puberty in their 40s)

      They also let trans girls join BASED ON THEIR WISHES. Conventional girls are only allowed to join based on their FEARS!!!

      What she doesn’t’ seem to understand is that trans girls ARE GIRLS. They are not “dudes in dresses.” They are GIRLS, nomatter what their DNA accidentally did to their anatomy.

      I love that you can be yourself in front of girls, but if there’s a trans girl there that you don’t even know about, your ability to gossip and bully other girls and fart and giggle will be somehow thwarted.

      Also “they dont’ require proof of their gender.” How do you prove your gender? There’s no test. If there were, NO ONE would dispute the nature of transgenderedness.

    • Amanda Chatel

      Great… just another reason to eat too many Tagalongs!