Real Talk: Which GOP Candidate Is The Most F*ckable?

How about that Mitt Romney? In light of last night’s New Hampshire primary, we asked a bunch of ladies which GOP candidate they’d fuck if tasked with choosing. No one was particularly happy about it.

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    • Megs

      Hmm.. I love me a silver fox myself, so based on looks alone I’d have to go with Romney or Huntsman. Though I’d be willing to bet that Rick Perry has by far the dirtiest mind of them all.

    • Fabel

      So I didn’t see the whole title of this on the homepage at first, just the picture of all the candidates and “F*ckable?” HA but anyway, I’d have to go with Huntsman, based on looks alone, and also I was kind of sold by that eloquent babysitter fantasy.

      • emily

        agree on the huntsman. all of his family money comes from an evil chemical corporation, and he’s an anti-choice, anti-GLBTQ asshole, but i feel like he kind of needs a pity fuck right now, because he’s getting stomped so badly.

    • gwen

      Totally Ron Paul! First he’d let me smoke pot before hand because I’d have to be high to sleep with any of these guys and second, if he impregnated me he could deliver the baby! lol. Ew. Seriously though, the other guys make me want to vomit. You gotta look at Ron Paul’s pictures from when he was in the service… H-O-T! Close my eyes and picture the young Ron Paul and it’s all good.

    • London

      Huntsman, he is a silver fox, but I would never vote for him!