Lindsay Lohan Cleaned Up At Last Night’s Weinstein Party

Everyone’s guilty pleasure Lindsay Lohan crawled out from under her Playboy cover last night to do what she’s historically done best: go to the Chateau Marmont. Lohan was in attendance for the Weinstein Company‘s award’s season bash and we mention because… she looks so clean. The frayed hair, uneven tan and bloodshot eyes of the past year seem to have vanished! Perhaps she’s lobbying for that comeback role playing Elizabeth Taylor?

Granted, she’s wearing a wetsuit. But! Baby steps. She looks downright sophisticated compared to what we’re used to and her ankle straps are nice. We definitely prefer the freshly scrubbed Lohan, so here’s hoping it prevails.

(Photos via Getty)

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    • Lindsay Cross

      When just looking at the headshot… it kind of looks like she has bad pit stains. I’m just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Give it up already, Lindsay. You are NOT attractive anymore, although you think that with your mouth-breathing antics, that you are. Sad.