The Editors Discuss: What We Learned About Relationships From Beauty & The Beast

Little kids are like stupid sponges. They soak up all kinds of knowledge even when you don’t want them to. Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff carried an unexpected lifetime of lessons with them after watching Beauty & the Beast as young girls. Predictably, they were the wrong lessons.


(Ed. Note: Also, as wise commenter LCT points out, this is what the Beast is actually packing:

…If that changes anything)

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    • Kj

      Meh. This was never my favourite Disney movie as a kid. I saw the Beast’s assholishness as coming from some part of fairy tale rules, not his personality per se.

      And the good part is that it taught me not to dig bros like Gaston just because all the villagers like him. (My mom explained Gaston to my five year old self as “just wanting what he can’t have.” Which I think is a pretty good interpretation.)

    • LCT

      Okay, first, I’m glad I’m not the only one out there who was totally in love with the fox Robin Hood.

      Second, to this day I maintain that Beast as a human is one of the hottest things ever. Just the first shot when he turns around; not later when the animators got lazy. But only in my Disney-fantasy-land. Pretty sure 99.9% of men these days with hair like that would be undateable.

      • NotThumper

        You’re definitely not alone, Robin Hood was quite the fox! (Ok ok, I know that was lame…lol)

        Side note and only because Robin Hood is on the Disney Channel and my daughter is watching it…anyone ever notice that the song that plays throughout the film is the hamster dance? The one they whistle…lol too funny.

    • LaLa

      No. That scene where the human-form-of-Beast first turns around? The only thing missing from that shot are jazz hands. He’s the gayest thing ever. I’ll watch this with my daughter and every time he opens his mouth I expect Nathan Lane’s voice to come out. But maybe that’s what Belle really needed after all that crap happened to her. A really good gay friend who could let her use his awesome library and listen to her problems. Yeah, I think that’s what I would choose.

      • LCT

        Aw, ouch! Fair enough. To each her own, I guess.

        Seriously, though…so pretty. Like a PreRaphaelite painting or something…


    • Meghan O’Neill

      I still stand by my earlier pitch that the Thai Beauty & The Beast should be called
      Beau-Thai & The Best.
      Thank you and goodnight.

    • MR

      Really? You guys are worrying me. My college friends and I had a party I’d say late ’90s – so the film was already old – and we all decided to watch it with the kids of those who had kids. I thought Angela Lansbury and the candle and feather duster were the whole movie – I mean her voice singing the theme song, yeah such a talented lady.

    • LCT

      Also, this has happened.

      Oh, and apparently Disney has said that Beast actually had a name: Prince Adam.

      That takes the romance out of it a little. And totally not French at all.

    • porkchop

      It gave me the thrill of taboo when they had that snowball fight and the beast was singing about how she doesn’t “tremble at my paw.” And then I felt Belle was ripped off when he turned back into a guy. I think they established that wasn’t her type.

    • Alj Augustine

      I actually talk a little about this on my blog! lol Check it out here >>

    • Hannah

      My favorite movie from childhood, so I’m still a little biased. It taught me to embrace the numerous adventures found in a library, to be independent and do my own thing even if others thought it was weird, and not to treat people a certain way based on looks, applicable to gorgeous people like Gaston or to the unfortunate looking, like Beast.

    • Angie

      I love this movie, from childhood. The thing is it’s a work of art and nobody’s really looking at that- the way it’s drawn, the stunning music, it’s brilliant! And I think Disney did a good job of keeping it from being too sexual- the attraction would cause problems, so it was friendly until the transformation. I think it’s charming, and I love that it’s like Classic Disney, even though doesn’t deal with modern relationships and problems. Theirs still always something beautiful to learn from there!

      P.S. There’s nothing wrong with libraries…. Unless they’re built from antlers…. That’s strange!

    • Michelle

      Does anyone else notice that in the alternate reality Thai version, the Beast actually has Simba’s face?