Who Would You Rather: Tom Brady Or Tim Tebow?

Whether you watch football or not, you’ve probably at least heard of the two most prominent quarterbacks in the game at the moment: Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Both are characters, although for different reasons — Brady left his pregnant girlfriend to get with (and ultimately marry) Gisele Bundchen, whereas Tebow is a 24-year-old virgin who has a super strong relationship with God — and both have been described by many people as “hot.”

So here it is, the ultimate moment of truth: who would you rather?

[image via Buzzfeed]

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    • Laurie
    • Karen

      TEBOW, just cause I prefer guys who are NOT jerks.

    • Cas

      Neither, cause Aaron Rodgers tops em both!

    • August S.

      Wha..no way! Tim Tebow is a virgin?! I am googling that….aaand it’s a google auto-complete, the ultimate verification. My mind is blown. Which probably makes it more experienced than Tim Tebow!

      (Anyway, this is all moot because even if he once was a card-carring member of the V-club, he isn’t anymore, ’cause I’m pretty sure the Pats f*cked him hard week 15. )

    • Hall

      Tebow. But only because I want to ruin him.

    • m

      He did not leave Michelle for Gisele. They were already amicably broken up, Michelle still wanted to continue with the pregancy. The media blew it up. They all go the playground together.

      And sex with a 24 year old virgin. I’m cool.

      Give me Tom any day.

    • Michelle

      TEBOOOOWWWWW!!! I’m in love with him!! Plus tom brady’s a jerk who thinks he’s all that and probably has a stick up his ass! He’s a great QB but a jerk!