NSFW Poll: Do You Like Olivia Munn’s Nude PETA Ads?

olivia munn naked peta

I mean, no one can deny that Olivia Munn looks great naked in this PETA ad. And the rabbit looks happy too!

But whenever I see taglines like “who needs fur to feel beautiful?” juxtaposed with an incredibly traditionally beautiful woman I think to myself “well, I guess not incredibly traditionally beautiful women. Not them.” There may be a lot of us out there who do not need fur to feel beautiful but do need underwear, sometimes. It quite often feel – and I might be in the minority here – that starlets use these ads not so much because they love PETA, but because it’s perceived as being a socially concious way to get naked. What do you think of them?

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    • Karen

      I had the EXACT same thought about their motives, Jennifer. Playboy nude = OUT. PETA nude = IN.

    • Melissa

      I feel like PETA continually compromises their objective in trying to increase the humane treatment of animals by dehumanizing and objectifying women. In addition to the naked anti-fur ads, PETA produced several ads that compared women’s bodies to, literally, cuts of meat.

      • Sam


        Surely the ‘parts’ ads which you refer to are very effective at illustrating the way humans objectify countless animals – all with individual personalities – just as traditionally society objectified women

    • KeLynn

      “starlets use these ads not so much because they love PETA, but because it’s perceived as being a socially conscious way to get naked”

      YES. I think the only reason any celebrity does PETA ads is because they can show off how hot they are in a way that is harder to criticize and easier to defend than just getting naked in Maxim or something. And I’m also pretty sure that these ads have never persuaded anyone to actually not wear fur. Showing us a picture of a naked lady is so irrelevant that it’s not convincing.

    • KD

      Who cares what the celebrities’ motives are? All that matters is that they’re helping bring attention to a really important issue. Many people are reluctant to look into the cruelty that happens on fur farms, but when a celebrity like Olivia Munn poses for PETA and tons of blogs and news sites cover it, the information can be kind of hard to ignore. Maybe the ads themselves haven’t convinced anyone to stop wearing fur, but I can guarantee they’ve made people go to peta.org to get more information.

    • Erynn

      I love Olivia Munn and I wish she would stop giving me reasons to be displeased with her… I think this PETA campaign is totally exploitative (ironically..) Why do we have to objectify (intelligent, funny, talented) women to advocate animal rights? This just makes me want to wear bunnies and eat steak! And I never do either of those things anyway. xD

      • Eric Albertson

        are you a fucking feminist?!

    • Eric Albertson

      Either feminists or faggots fucking dislike this and you can go fuck yourselves.