Ready To Click: Resist Dropping Your Crotch In Skinny Jeans.

Glasses and turtlenecks really do make you look political, Brad and Angelina’s White House looks. -The Frisky

Jennifer Hudson‘s got options to dress her Barbie bod. -StyleList

This is why we call it Tar-gét. -The Budget Babe

Don’t you want your house to smell like Eau de Crack? -Refinery29

Margaret Cho‘s defending her inked body with some not so nice words. -The Frisky

Carla Bruni in flats? Has the apocalypse come early with her new mom look? -Huffpost Style

It’s Friday the 13th, and there’s more to come! -The Hairpin

Kristen Stewart to be the new (pale) face of Balenciaga Fragrance. -Styleite

Just say no. Drop crotch skinny jeans have made an appearance. -Refinery29

At Tiffany’s, diamonds, and pictures of us kissing our boyfriends, are a girl’s best friend. -The High Low


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