Gallery: The 2012 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards red carpet is happening… effectively right now. To all of you who snickered at “69,” we’re pleased to have you with us. In any event, the gowns have come pouring in and here’s what we have: Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Tilda Swinton, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, Tina Fey, and many, many more. Enjoy (and let us know your votes for best and worst)!

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Blakely

      I always get snickerish when I see 69.

      • Blakely

        Loved the Jolie-Pitts’ looks btw. They’re so Hollywood.

    • Kj

      Loved Angie’s dress the best. Emma Stone looked fierce also, although her belt wasn’t my favourite.

      What’s the deal with the highneck/skintight combo? I guess it’s nicer in real life, but in photos it just looks frumpalicious.

    • Jennifer Wright

      I have never wanted to look like Angelina Jolie more than I do at this moment.

    • Cee

      My favorite was Evan Rachel Wood

      My crush, Emma Stone wore what Mila Kunis wore last year (or two years ag0) for possibly the same award show, but she can wear whatever she wants and Id still do her.

      Lastly…meh Lea Michele, she just likes to prove she has teets and bones

      • Cee

        Damn, Angelina’s arms….holy crap. She needs to eat something.

    • Patricia

      I think I’m in love with Emma Stone. Or at the very least, Emma Stone’s dress and hair.

    • Ella Jane Goeppinger

      Was anyone else distracted by Zooey Deschanel’s crazy faux sideburns?

      • Zoe

        They looked ridiculous!

    • porkchop

      What was with Viggo Mortenson’s dinner jacket/rep tie combination?

    • Maggie

      Angelina’s and Emma Stone’s were my favorites by far. I liked Mila Kunis’, but she’s also done better. The black was a little gothic-y almost. Maybe if she were smiling in that photo I wouldn’t think that, though.

      Natalie Portman’s looks like a prom dress you find on clearance in May. Heidi Klum would look great if she were going to the beach. I love Zooey, so I’m always rooting for her, but I just can’t root for that dress on her for some reason. Same with Melissa McCarthy. Dislike the bedspread pattern of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress.

      Sofia Vergara is going to make anything she wears ever look amazing because she’s Sofia Vergara, so it’s not even really fair to compare her to the others.

      Evan Rachel Wood’s reminds me of a fancy mermaid costume. I think I’d like it better in another color.

      Helen Mirren looks beautiful and graceful as always.

      Amy Poehler and Tina Fey look beautiful, but I want to be them so I don’t know that I could ever see them any other way? But I’m pretty sure they look amazing either way.

    • Jinx


    • miranda

      Fierce is indeed the word I thought of immediately when Emma Stones’ photo slid over. FIERCE with capital letters!
      I’m in love with Helen Mirrens’ class so she automatically claims a top spot in my opinion.
      Michelle Williams always has an individual/unique look that isn’t over the top or hideous, which many people fail to achieve.
      Claire Danes’ and Sarah Michelle Gellers’ dresses are absolutely beautiful and I would wear them myself.

    • Woman

      Some of them looked like wanna be mermaids.

      And some of them were stunning!!! What I don’t get is Ms Jolie’s lipstick.