Five Fun Facts About 2012 Miss America Winner Laura Kaeppeler

Miss America 2012 winner Laura Kaeppeler crowned

The results are in. Laura Kaeppeler of Kenosha, Wisconsin has been crowned the winner of this year’s Miss America pageant, and as you can see, she, like every other winner of the Miss America Pageant, is extremely psyched about the $52,000 worth of scholarship money coming her way. (Almost enough to buy a full year at Yale!) Here are five fun facts about her.

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    • KB

      That is a LOT of eye makeup.

      • Ellen W.

        You can’t dismiss the points from Compulsory Mascara Running.

    • BS

      look nice :)

    • Nuh-uh.

      I really am sorry to have to be so rude about this, but the girl cannot sing. Potential? Sure. But for the love of all that is good in this world, for the love of _music_, no more fake opera singers in beauty pageants! In addition to being consistently flat, her Italian was really bad. There just isn’t a way to say that nicely. Now, I can commend her on her commited performance — girl knows how to fake it.

      But to be fair, it’s important to point out that Laura’s degree was not in performance. Her degree was in music, and her instrument was voice, but she said in an interview that her focus was either (forgive me dor not recalling off the top of my head) for speech pathology or music therapy… A clue, Sherlock, as to her musicality.

    • Emily

      I kind of like that she wouldn’t reveal her vote. Miss America isn’t about politics.