Fashion Disasters: Shailene Woodley Wore Those Creepy ‘Five Fingers’ Shoes To The Golden Globes After Party

The Descendants star Shailene Woodley (formely of The O.C.) is catching quite a bit of flack from blogs today not for her official Golden Globes red carpet ensemble (which, for the record, was lovely), but for her curious choice of footwear for the Golden Globes after party.

Getty photos don’t lie: after looking awesome all night, she decided it would be a good idea to pair an elegant black gown with those creepy-looking “Five Fingers” shoes that are supposed to help you commune with nature when you’re running. Oh dear. I’m sure her feet hurt from wearing heels all night, but there’s a whole world of better-looking flats she could have chosen. Those flexible ballet flats you fold up in your purse for when you can’t fucking stand the pain anymore, for example. On the upside, a whole bunch of people who’ve never heard of her before are looking at her pretty face and reading the name “Shailene Woodley” in fashion blogs for the first time today, so perhaps the consequences haven’t been all bad. Well played, Shailene Woodley. Well played.

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    • Cheryl

      I don’t understand why some people have such a visceral, negative reaction to FiveFingers. I love mine. They’re delightfully comfortable and while I don’t feel more connected to the earth, I have noticed a decline in tripping since I bought them. So, naturally, I wear them as much as possible.

      I worked at an underground gold mine last summer and the ride between town and work was an hour each way. I wore my Vibrams once on the way home and one of my male coworkers was so put off when I wiggled my toes that he literally jumped away and covered his eyes.

      I still don’t get it.

    • DGHM90.26

      not justify … but SHE HAS SCOLIASIS , so I understand why she needed to change their shoes

    • Viola

      I think the most creepy looks have Angelina and Brad. Reminds me of the Adams Family.. or Mr. and Mrs. Dracula..Brangelina or is it Bracula?

    • porkchop

      I can understand ditching the stillettos–I’m sure she was on her feet for hours. But she can’t take off the dress, at least not until she gets to an after party without journalists.