Gallery: The Best And Worst Looks From The Miss America Pageant

On Saturday night, 53 young women competed for the coveted title of Miss America. They danced, they sang, they wore evening gowns — and for us, the audience, there were a number of fashion lessons to be learned: for instance, everyone over the age of 10 looks ridiculous wearing a dance recital costume. Also, padded bikini tops instantly make you look like…well, a Texas beauty queen. Here are some of the best and worst looks:

Photos via Zimbio/ by Ethan Miller

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    • Anne Marie

      Too bad. I thought this was going to be full of fun beauty tips, but i guess it was just an opportunity for some immature women to act like jealous, catty b**ches. Yes, any serious woman will probably find these competitions silly (and most likely not bother watching), just as any serious journalist would find writing about hair & makeup on the Internet a silly way to make a living. No need to make such an effort to tear each other down.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I’m weirdly impressed by how fit and athletic all of them look.