Poll: What’s Madonna’s Problem?

Since it hasn’t been officially 24 hours since the Golden Globes ended, we might as well milk it for the next couple hours until it’s time to shift gears and start focusing on the Academy Awards. So before we say adieu on the whole topic, let’s turn our attention to Madonna.

Since the day she brazenly told Dick Clark on American Bandstand that her dream was “To rule the world,” Madonna has practically done that. And as time has gone on and she’s made such other comments like “I want to be like Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, and John Lennon… but I want to stay alive,” there’s never been a question as to whether or not she’s completely full of herself–she is. It’s also her narcissism, although once endearing when she was in her early 20′s, that has gotten her into feuds with other celebrities.

She’s knocked Lady Gaga over her song “Born This Way,” by pretty much accusing her of swiping her 1989 song “Express Yourself” when she told  20/20 ABC news anchor: ”I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting.” And now she’s at odds again with Sir Elton John–how many more times are these two going to go at it?

Whether or not you love Madonna for her outspoken ways or you think she’s a has-been, you still have to wonder what the hell is her problem. Although I’m not familiar with Kabbalah, I’d like to think it must have some rules, or at least suggestions, on how to stay grounded, humble and grateful. But I could be wrong. It is a big religion with celebrities, so maybe there is no such suggestion in there at all. Perhaps Madonna is right on the mark.

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    • Groovymarlin

      Honestly, I feel a little sorry for Madonna. She’s done a lot of amazing things in her career, but it does seem like her days in the spotlight are over. I was watching the show last night, and when she got up to accept the award for best song, even I could feel all the hate in the room radiating towards her. She seemed a bit nervous and off her game, both giving her acceptance speech and presenting the award she gave out, and who could blame her? She seems to have used up any good will she had in Hollywood.

    • ChadinDallas

      She came off horribly the other night; petty and juvenile barbs in response to a rather inncuous bit of comedy from Ricky.

    • Eileen

      Getting in a feud with Elton John? Eh. They seem pretty well-matched in full-of-themselves-ness. Claiming that “Born This Way” sounds exactly like “Express Yourself”? Um, didn’t everybody do that?

      But yeah, she is a bit of a has-been who needs to take some lessons in aging gracefully.

    • gemma

      What Feud? Elton john and his husband are the ones who picked a fight with her because they thought their song should have won over her. Whats his problem?
      She didnt say that to the 20/20 news anchor, she said that in an interview with a magazine, get your facts straight. Born this way is a copy of express yourself. A rock star with an ego who is not humble? wow what a shocker, Have you heard of Mick Jagger, John lennon, Johnny ROtten, Axl Rose?

    • Gemma

      Amanda your information is wrong, didn’t you watch the interview yourself? if you did you would know she never said that to Cynthia Mc’fadden in the 20/20 interview, where does she say this?
      “I thought, this is a wonderful way to redo my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting.”

      Its from an Interview she did with newsweek, ”

      Look like you should do your homework and actually watch the interview before you write an article.

      I never said Elton and Madonna have just started feuding. If you do your homework on their feud you will learn he is the one who picks the fight.

      • Amanda Chatel


    • Gemma

      Amanda, Your response shows how unprofessional of a writer you are. Any professional writer will make a corrcetion in the misinformation/ mistakes they made in their article and apologize.