Cute Guys With Beards That Aren’t Ryan Gosling

Winter time drags on around us. By now the newness of this season has worn off and any holiday that doesn’t make me feel absolutely horrible (I’m looking at YOU Valentine’s day) has passed.

What is to look forward to in February? I ask that as a full blown Aquarius whose birthday is in February. It’s a long haul through the rest of January and February until maybe we can get some hope for spring.

On top of that, this winter is predicted to be just as bad, if not worse than last winter. Thanks a lot, La Nina! If only had I something to distract me.

Something or some man. Some man with a beard.

Maybe it’s just me, but I find myself more attracted to men with beards in the winter time. Perhaps it is the misguided belief that they will provide extra warmth while snuggling? Or maybe it’s because they look like a lumberjack I imagine is bringing me logs for my fireplace. Not that I have one, but if I did, I would want one of these incredibly good looking bearded men to curl up next to and keep me warm.

For the record, I have nothing against Ryan Gosling. I think he is as handsome and as talented as humanly possible. I just wanted to give everybody options. I’m sure Ryan is cool with spreading the wealth. He’d probably be all like:

“Hey girl. I know you’re attracted to men with beards because you think they can protect you, but really only you can protect you.”

You can find more here and here on tumblr blogs devoted to cute guys with beards.

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