• Tue, Jan 17 2012

Courtney Stodden Jogs In Stillettos

courtney stodden stilettos jogging
Does anyone other than Courtney Stodden jog in stilettos? No, really, this is a real question.

Odd confession: I don’t own flats. I wear high heels pretty much all the time. Partly because wearing high heels all the time shortens your tendons in such away that your legs ache if you walk around in flats for a long time. Let’s not focus on the ways in which I was probably foolish to get myself into this situation. In any event, 90% of the time I spend walking around, I wear heels. I love high heels. I’m devoted to them. You know the only time I don’t wear heels? When I go jogging. Because I value not breaking an ankle over mild leg aching.

What I’m getting at here is that there is no on in the entire world who actually jogs this way, so we appreciate, now more than ever, Courtney Stodden’s dedication to her performance art. 

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  • Ashley Cardiff

    the guy next to her is dressed like liz lemon’s agent!

    • Shae

      The thing that is not mentioned is that the man next to her? Is her dog’s agent. He does not represent Courtney Stodden, unless she became willing to star in the next Beethoven or Air Bud movie.

    • Katrina

      @ Shae,
      Wait, really? Is that a joke? I would think that any sort of agent would at least have a better fitting suit!

    • Rebekah Mae

      Seriously?! Dear god please tell me Shae you are joking.

      And Katrina I was just thinking the same thing! Why is that boys suit five sizes to big for him?! I mean my god just look at that jacket.
      It reminds me of a little boy trying to wear his dad’s suit.

  • Beverly

    Not only is she jogging in stilettos but she is jogging in what can only be referred to as stripper heels. It is sad really.

  • bones

    Her bodyguard doesn’t look old enough to be legally employed in the state of California.

    • Sam

      Which is fitting considering her own age situation.

  • Jonniegirl

    Also, her dog is pink. WTF…

  • Maggie

    Not to mention she’s “jogging” in full hair and makeup. She just exudes youthful health and exuberance. Oh wait…

  • Carrellynn

    Also, does her shirt say “Vegetable”?