13 Reasons You Should Cook For Your Boyfriend

cook for your boyfriend

Cooking? You barely have time to juggle your work schedule, your love life and your gym membership, let alone some pots and pans. The last thing you want to do after a busy week is roll up your sleeves over a hot oven — especially for your man. That’s why on the seventh day of the week, the lord created microwaves.

Suck it up and preheat the oven. Cooking for him is not only generous, it’s a really good way of getting what you want, proving him wrong, or having great sex. After all: we are what we eat. Here are 13 reasons why you should get down and dirty in the kitchen for your man.

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    • Kathy

      What is wrong with you people?
      I knew the gloss was no Jezebel but this? this is embarrassing

      • Clare

        I agree. This is ridiculous.

      • KB

        I thought this website was supposed to be promoting critical thinking in women. This kind of writing is a joke. Nobody cooks for their boyfriend so they can hold it against him later. Only shallow harpies and Satan.

      • reggie

        if I didn’t come here so often, I’d have the same reaction. As it is, I understand the gloss writers’ sometimes not ironic, ironic, to be unironic, ironic humor.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I’m pretty proud of our not ironic, ironic, to be unironic, ironic humor. And I thought the picture on this was really pretty. Some days I do just want to wear a funny apron and make some cupcakes. Semi-ironically.

    • Sarah


    • Cee

      ZOMG, a trip to the market?! It’s my housewife dream!

      Why should you guilt a man into doing the dishes and “hold it against him?” Shouldn’t men want to help you at least a little bit, or shouldn’t a man, I dont know…COOK too? Also, do women constantly just find things to hold against men/women? Ugh! Silly women and their games!

    • reggie

      I have a good thing going with my guy. He gets up at 6:30am and makes coffee and eggs. And i throw some shit on the stove at 6:30pm while i drink beer and try not to burn the building down. I totally made out on that deal.

    • kenry

      Well, it is rare for people to cook for their boyfriene but all the same. It is nice

    • MR

      I cook and so does my girlfriend. We cook together.

    • KC

      sad. I love The Gloss! But I have so many friggin’ qualms against this piece. First of all, doing anything FOR a man is absurd. You should cook because you enjoy it and you’d like to share it with him. Second, what is this? Cook and trick him into liking/fucking you?

      This article makes women look like they care about nothing but shopping, diets and pleasing a man. Not to mention, the revenge part?! WTF?! Pathetic.

      • Dieter

        Well, first of all doing anything FOR a girl is no less absurd! Things like opening doors for girls, serving in any possible way just to please your girl is a plain stupidity!
        If i do something for my girl is noway because im a gentleman but because were great friends and she does the same for me.

    • emma

      Stop being so dense, people. Maybe it’s a slightly more difficult to deduce tone in written mediums, but this? This is straight-up lighthearted humor (like obviously Brandy doesn’t expect you to intentionally make your boyfriend shit his brains out). The writers of the Gloss are funny and creative and really fucking weird sometimes and I love it and slides like this showcase those qualities the best. Rock on girlfrandz.

      • Beth

        There are things that are not fun, no matter the intention. They are not making jokes about jews or black people are they? cannot imagine why, some are so lighthearted!

    • Raven

      Oh please, go shave yourselves ignorant feminists, take the stick out of your asses so you can get laid for once.

      • Beth

        Yes, we ignorant feminist are missing the joys of serve our man and get our way by manipulating them. OMG how I wish to get laid, I’ll go roast a chicken.

      • Dieter

        You’re just ridiculous, sexism is never a good thing! I know there are lots of silly loser boys that go for girls legs or boobs, pretty face or whatever and then turn into slaves and get manipulated by those sluts. No sorry for most of them anyway, its their own fault.
        You sound pitiful. You sure seem to be much under stupid social stereotypes which caused a superiority complex in you.
        Feminism is often a kind of mental disease, just as well as gaming or paranoia.
        However i do feel respect for women who are against any stereotypes and think that both men and women should be free from any social pressure and in relationships don’t assume that they should get more than give just because of the fact they’re female. Women shouldn’t expect their men to care and give them more than they care and give their men. If you wanna get something, then you must give. Just simple as that! Real relationships are where both partners equally love, support and help each other regardless of gender, age, social and material status and should be free of those different social sexist and other stereotypes.

    • Kj

      Damn you people and your food descriptions and tasty things and… and… *dizzy*…

      I’m on a diet. And away from my bf. And now I just want to go home and cook some ribs and lobster nom nom nom nom

    • matbo

      I was ready to be appalled. But this was way too damn funny. And I am a feminist.

    • Brooke

      Bravo on perpetuating sexism and stereotypes!

      • Dieter

        Well equality is a must. It takes two. I always consider articles offering lots of tips on how to please and serve your girl as very sexist. It should always go both ways!

    • Dieter

      Yeah, everything’s right, my girlfriend is really great at cooking!!! The way she does it is so interesting and each time she thinks up something new. I do like cooking with her, and sometimes i try cooking for her. As for some traditional dishes im usually better)

      Anyway our relationships are based on equality. Were free from most stupid social stereotypes, especially those american, where men should be like that and that and women like this and this. Reading comments i see that In most cases in backward thinking countries like america a woman is expecting to get more than she gives haha, this is rediculous.