• Wed, Jan 18 2012

Check Out Snooki Without Any Makeup On

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi posted a photo of her ostensibly makeup-free face online today, and she actually looks very nice in it. I’d say “surprisingly nice,” but it’s not really a surprise that someone would look better without trowel-applied bronzer, now is it?

She kind of looks like a different person, no? Or rather, the same person but way, way better, as she’s not made up in guidette drag. As it turns out, Snooks has got herself some nice, long eyelashes (which may or may not be extensions) and a cute little rosebud mouth (which may or may not have some gloss on it). She also looks much more Chilean when she’s not trying so hard to look Italian. All in all, it’s a major improvement. I guess scrubbing your face with cat litter really does work wonders on your skin.

(Via MTV.ca)

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  • Daisy

    Wow, she actually looks pretty! Who would’ve thought? Another reason why I don’t bother putting on make-up at all, I’m quite worried I’d go completely over the top as well. :)

  • Ewa

    I agree – surprisingly pretty AND nice. Unfortunately, it’s not only about the make-up, but also facial expressions and behaviour:/

  • javieraaa

    what do you mean with “much more chilean”?
    (not asking in an angry way, i’m just wondering)

    • Jamie Peck

      Snooki is originally from Chile. She’s adopted.

    • javieraaa

      i know! i’m chilean too.
      i’m just wondering how would you define the “chilean look”?

    • Jamie Peck

      You know what, now I feel like an asshole. I guess there is no particular Chilean “look,” is there? Mainly she looks like a lot of photos I’ve seen of people from that region: like a mixture of the Spaniards and the indigenous people.

  • Beka

    Im pretty sure that “much more chilean” meant more hispanic looking than an italian…its true, she looks very hispanic $ mich cuter without makeup.

  • javieraaa

    please don’t feel like an asshole!
    i was just wondering ‘couse not many people know about chile!
    someone even told me once that he though that it was a country in africa and that we were all black!

  • angelahallmakeup.com

    She is freaking ADORABLE this way. If I were that cute I’m not sure I’d wear anything other than lipgloss again.