Cindy Crawford’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Becomes Versace Model

Meet Kaia Gerber, daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber: you’re about to hear a lot about her. At the age of 10, she’s just made her modeling debut for Versace‘s 12-and-under collection, Young Versace. She was shot by fashion power duo Mert & Marcus.

Said label head Donatella Versace: ”Like her mother, Kaia has a very special gift. The camera really, really loves her.” As for Cindy, muse of the late Gianni Versace: “I’m so thrilled that Kaia was chosen to be part of the first Young Versace Campaign. I have so many fond memories of the times I spent with Gianni and Donatella. There is something so very special about the House of Versace.” Of course.

Here at TheGloss, we get accused of being–among other things–sluts, harpies, humorless assholes, pseudo-intellectuals and idiots. Oddly, one of the most common criticisms of us is that we are supposedly moral crusaders.

But, honestly? This images makes us uncomfortable. Please look again:

Wholesome smile aside, this isn’t really different from a regular, garden variety Versace campaign. If you swapped out those flat sandals–leave the socks for fetishistic purposes, obviously–and replaced them with towering platforms, you’d get every Versace campaign ever… if not a little more exposed thigh. Except this time the model is ten, instead of the brand’s usual “16 going on 27 sexually available.”

We’re not going to call this child pornography, as some inevitably will. It’s not. But it is a striking, uneasily adult way of representing a 10-year-old kid. And we really wish fashion would stop.

Please tell us where you fall, but we’ll leave you with an image of Daphne Groenveld modeling Versace’s H&M collaboration.

Groeneveld, by the way, is 16.

(via the Telegraph)


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    • Jo

      Well that Groenveld is just about the creepiest, alien photo ever (in general, I really don’t understand this part of the fashion world. I don’t want to wear what aliens would wear!). But yeah, the girl doesn’t look 10. It is sort of weird that there’s nothing childlike about her clothing.

    • Karen

      Sorry, I often agree with your opinions, Ashley… but this time, I just don’t see what you’re seeing. I don’t think the Kaia shot looks at all scandalous or provocative or inappropriate. I have a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old daughter. So I think my radar is pretty “up” as far as marketing sexiness to young girls. This isn’t bad.

      • sara

        Are you serious? If she was standing up straight do you see how short that skirt would be? It seriously just gazes the bottom of the crotch. If she sat down do you think that would even cover either her butt or crotch?

        I mean I don’t think the pose is way out there–but seriously–what the hell is wrong with you that you think that hotpants length skirts aren’t weird on a 10 year old. Especially paired with a full face of makeup. Yikes lady.

      • leelee

        @sara: the skirt only seems that shirt because its tucked up around her belly button. most women i know wear mini skirts around their hips…never that high.

        frankly, i dont see the big deal. she’s not showing boobs or ass, she’s not posing like a provocative slut and he make up is natural and lovely.

    • Jana

      I agree–the skirt length is far too short. I really don’t mind kids running around bathing suits or hardly anything at all, really, so long as they look like kids, they are portrayed as kids. This outfit and the overall look are older than that, which makes the skirt length inappropriate.

    • SashaQueenie

      Puh-leeezzeeee! The skirt length is the length in which most cheerleaders are wearing nowadays. Even those who are not really cheerleaders. I cannot the Gloss is so conservative and straight laced. Talk about being arcane and Victorian in attitude. Is this really a fashion blog or a conservative religious website in disguise!!

      • Isabella

        And what’s wrong with being conservative? It seems the “liberal” attitudes have lead to nothing more than the sexulization of children, making out all women to be nothing more than sex toys, and all men to be out for nothing more than a one night stand. It’s sick and twisted. As are both images.

    • Blind?

      Perhaps if she weren’t cupping what would be her breasts (if she had any?) I could ignore the skirt length. Hands in pocket, with that stance…suggests…an inappropriate message to me. I wouldn’t this photo of my ten yr old out in public.

      • Megs

        Those would be some serious saggers if she was touching where her boobs would be.

    • Megs

      I tend to have very strong opinions on sexualization of young girls.

      I don’t see the problem here. Crew neck, 3/4 sleeves, flats, and a skirt that is, albeit shorter than I’d let my 10 year old year, still appropriate. You mention about her flats if you “replaced them with towering platforms” it would be different.

      But here’s the kicker- they didn’t She isn’t wearing towering platforms or lucite stripper heels. Those look like child-friendly jelly sandals to me.

      The thing is, there have always been child models since the beginning of advertising in any sense and there always will be. We all know that models do not represent real life, so as long as no child is being exploited, we can’t expect that child models and designers are always going to portray the way that most feel a child should dress/look like.

      Versace makes some ugly shit though.