Retro Snap: We Really Did Not Expect This Person To Be Good Looking

richard nixon handsome

But he is! Very good looking! When he was in college.

It’s Richard Nixon. Poor, sweaty Richard Nixon, with his jowls and somewhat bulbous nose. Apparently super-hot in college! With really good hair. I guess, in conclusion, you should show the below picture to the impressionable people/children in your life and tell them that this is what happens when you tell lies.

richard nixon old


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    • Lizzie

      Would he have won the debate with Kennedy if he had looked as good as he does in the first picture?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Okay, young John Kennedy looked like this:

        So… kind of leaning towards Nixon, surprisingly. Young John Kennedy looks like a younger version of the Green Goblin from Spiderman. Or, I suppose, that actor.

    • MR

      Yeah ‘Tricky Dick’. And since you’re up for a comparison with scion Jack – yeah, may he be resting in peace, but I always saw him as just a pretty boy – or maybe it’s because my wealth and my family’s is self-made, so I don’t respect people like that. Oliver Stone’s ‘Nixon’ is heavy but I thought the pieces on Nixon as a young aldult were the most telling. Ironically he was raised a Quaker, the most moral people.

    • Cee

      He looks like he could have been Leonard from The Big Bang Theory’s brother.