Gallery: The Most Ridiculous Facial Expressions From The Prada Men’s Show (Ft. Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe & More)

While everyone else in Hollywood was busy with Golden Globes‘ related-peacocking, a group of famous actors were in Milan for surprise appearances at the Prada Men’s RTW show. Not just any actors, though, legit actors: Gary Oldman closed. He was joined by Tim Roth, Willem Dafoe, and Adrien Brody along with a few new(er) kids Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, and Garrett Hedlund. “Dressed in severe coats evoking Eastern Bloc military dress” said WWD, the men strolled along a sprawling, carpeted runway in a show “dedicated to power” (massive eyeroll). Military coat after military coat gave way to much outlandish adoration in the fashion press.

We were going to let you know all that and just show you the actors, but after scrolling through the entire collection, we have to admit we laughed out loud several times at the men (famous and otherwise). Please laugh with us and enjoy this slideshow.

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    • porkchop

      1. never trust a man who is wearing a trench coat and an overcoat

      2. looking at Jamie Bell makes me want to dress up like Tintin

      3. Gary Oldman is the berries–the absolute berries!

    • I Mean What

      Nothing can be said except thank God The Manzie has found his final resting place, leaving behind a legacy of schmattas and bringing sexy back. The menswear collections being shown in Paris and Milan are proving my point – real men are back in…and they don’t eat quiche