Justin Bieber Wears World’s Ugliest Jacket

Tell us you see something different

Justin Bieber was in Las Vegas recently to promote some kind of robot thing with a giant dick alongside media personality Allison Hagendorf.

Kidding! The dick is Justin’s microphone and the robot is actually a pointless novelty speaker. But, thanks to the eagle-eyed fashionistas/os at Styleite, the reason for our being here is this:

Yes, this is some sort of terrible demon baby born of a Levi’s denim jacket and a Louis Vuitton purse. Yes, it’s hooded. Yes, it is absolutely repulsive. Yes, his hair is worse than you remember.

We originally wanted to make this a Fashion Disaster, but Bieber kind of stepped outside the realm of disaster and just into… impressive. As in, it is impressive that he found the be all and end all of hideous things.

(photos via Getty)

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    • Meghan Keane

      Ashley, sometimes when you are a young pop teen idol, you just run out of things to spend you accumulating wealth on. If Biebs doesn’t buy stuff like this now, what will he have to regret in ten years when he’s forced to go on a reality show to remind everyone who he is?

    • lola

      no-he really didn’t.

    • Deonte Welton

      I just can’t figure out why people are such haters. Shaking my head in disappointment, intensely over here. Even when I think something looks like shit I respect the fact that someone chose what they are wearing because they liked it. Who gives a fuck about what other people think of it, but it’s hard to instill that thought within yourself when people like you write things like this. Article gets a big FAIL, Bieber’s denim = A+

      - The Pretentious Dick

    • Andre P

      I know his jacket isn’t “pop” or typical of a celeb, but figures are know to be fashion forward and start trends. And, honestly I like the jacket. I’m not a huge Louis Vuitton fan, nor Levi’s (since I work for Diesel clothing), but he rocks it well! I own a denim jacket with leather sleeves, and I can picture myself in Bieber’s jacket, for the style (not the brands). I dig it! Btw, definitely try Diesel jeans, folks. Love them.