The Editors Discuss: Nostalgia & The Rerelease Of Titanic (In 3D!)

Volatile man James Cameron is rereleasing his massive 1997 blockbuster Titanic… in 3D. If this move smacks a little too much of Star Wars: Special Edition foulness to you then: good! We’re glad to have you. Here, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff discuss Cameron’s reasoning, its presence in pop culture and whether or not the film is still relevant in 2012. Also, how that old lady was a bitch.

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    • porkchop

      People think this movie is terribly oversimplified because Cal is pure evil, but you know what? Rose picked that guy. There were probably loads of rich dudes looking to polish their reputation with a classy marriage, and I bet -none- of them would turn down a mind-blowingly hot girl with a wild streak. And yet she picked the one who’s psycho.

      Maybe it’s not about the power of love, but the power of bored rich harpies to ruin (end) your life!

      Also, I loved it when he started shooting at her, and then one second later broke down laughing. I was honestly sorry to hear he offed himself later.

      I’ll always love this movie. It fills up your eyes. It’s beautiful. and the fashions are unstoppable.

    • Alexi

      Ashley, you’re my heor :P

    • Alexi

      Damn these stumpy fingers!

    • endn

      YES HOLY SHIT VICTOR GARBER WAS ALSO MY HEARTTHROB!!!! Holy crap I thought i was alone! I didn’t like the movie, got bored, never been into babyface leo… but victor garber WEARS that tux. He gave me strange feelings in my goodies that I did not understand at 11.

    • Goldie

      Ugh… If they digitally enhanced Bill Paxton out of the film entirely…. maybe I’d like to see it? Did anyone’s nausea for that Celine Dion song ever wear off? (full disclosure: I used to be able to play that song on the piano AND the flute)

      I was in middle school when this came out and I saw it twice in the theater. The first time I thought it was dramatic and touching… the second time my friends and I pretended to bawl loudly during inappropriate scenes (ahem, Bill Paxton) and laughed at all the other people losing their shit.

    • Drew

      Oh man I was so nauseous all day today and then I saw that there was a new “The Editors Discuss” and I was like SCORE.

      I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to see Titanic. I remember being 13 and during the first trailer for this film that showed it sinking coming up with (what I thought was) the very quippy remark: “Oh, they just gave away the ending!”

      When I saw the trailer last week for the 3D version I leaned over to my boyfriend and snorted “Spoiler alert!”

      Much like Titanic, my 13-year-old sense of humor has remained entirely untouched by time.

    • Maris

      Uh, HI. Bigger issue to address: is that George Bates’ bitch wife in slide 16?

      And doesn’t the plot of Downton Abbey essentially start because the Crawley’s heir is believed to have died when the Titanic sank? CONSPIRACY THEORY! I’m just sayin’.

    • MR

      Jennifer – you’re throwing Mr. Andrews over-the-side, based on Ashley’s theories about men’s ablility to make women have orgasms? This is interesting. I’d say the man’s a builder and definately good with his hands. Jack was a bohemian and an artist, and he died to save Rose. Kinda sad that that’s not worth anything.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You know, Mr. Andrews did go on for the entire first half of the movie about what a strong, excellent ship he’d built and then… that didn’t really work for him, so I can see that argument. And I reckon he was more of an idea man than a builder. And, also, I’m lying to Ashley. I remain devoted to Mr. Andrews. So, that.

    • LaLa

      The #1 thing I took away from this post is that you managed to sneak in a picture of Jeremy Irons.

      • Jennifer Wright

        YOU SAW IT!

    • jessica

      Slide 16 is of the new tv show, not the film.