Fashion Disaster Of The Week: Toe Shoes & Lindsay Lohan

So, the Golden Globes were this week and there were a few hits and a lot of misses. But you’ve already seen those looks enough and/or are sick of discussing them. So, fast forward a few hours: the two biggest Fashion Disasters of the night occurred at the many after parties.

As we mentioned, Shailene Woodley wore this basic black, one-shouldered cutout dress…

…which she made the terrible mistake of pairing with toe shoes.

And remember when we said Lindsay Lohan had really cleaned up and was starting to look like a person again? We are dumb.

Lohan needs to be told that the only person who can pull this dress off is Dolly Parton. In 1976.

Which look was worse?

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    • Ruby

      Im just going to assume you guys didnt see what Erin Wasson wore because there is no way anybody, ever, has ever worn something worse than this to a public event (a big call that I’m comfortable with, feel free to take it to the polls.)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I don’t know how I spaced on this. I remember seeing that and being so completely taken aback, like, “There must be sheer panels here… no… wait. Yes, she’s just naked.”

      • Goldie

        Whoa. Wasson ftw.

        I dunno. I know in my head how bad that the big cheesy bow looks, but the color of the dress with her skin and hair is so appealing. I can’t help liking it. She DOES look really cleaned up. I don’t know, maybe the bow’s not that bad. Or maybe the Dolly reference is giving me cognitive dissonance. The wet suit was way worse. Maybe I like the bow.

    • Ruby

      @Ashley – Sometimes the mind rejects what it cant rationalize? And Lindsay does look “cleaner” than she has in a while but she needs to stop wearing nude tones that blend completely with her skin and hair. Or keep wearing them and dye her hair back to red because I am part of the party that believes all Lohan’s problems would be solved if she re-embraced the rang. It is better than the wetsuit and her contouring doesnt look as much like mud as it usually does so props? And toe shoes are never excusable so even if she was in the wetsuit with dirt all over her face she’d be the clear winner.

    • Sam

      Not gonna lie, I actually love Lindsay Lohan’s dress and weird paleness. If she wasn’t…her, then I think it’d be a lot less “OMG GROSS.” She sort of has an inherently negative connotation oftentimes because she rarely gives good performances and she comes off as a spoiled, entitled brat who can’t accept consequences for her actions. However, if she WASN’T that way, I would especially love this outfit–if it had one darker/brighter accent, it’d be really great. Then again, I’m practically albino so I’m always a little sensitive to looks like these because I myself get criticized when I wear pale clothes, haha.

      And the thing about the toe shoes…they’re weird, for sure. But I’ve heard they’re hella comfy so I don’t think I can criticize them too hard. I have foot problems and often wear semi-ugly shoes because it’s super difficult to wear heels without aching in my hips, back, etc. for days after. But, then again, she could have just warn flats if that was her reasoning, haha. I think the link in the comment posted by Ruby = waaaaaay more horrible.

    • Meghan O’Neill

      When you said “toe shoes” I thought, “hey, maybe it’s some weird ballet thing? Imagine my HORROR.

      And Wasson is cray, but so is that body. I can’t fault her too much.

    • MM

      OBVIOUSLY the toe shoes. I kind of like the pink dress, though it fits a bit awkward. But no matter how much you hate the dress it’s hard to be worse than five fingers, those shoes are creepy as fuck.