Friday Style Icon: Katharine Hepburn (And Her Best Quotes)

katharine hepburn style quotes

This week, we realized that all we want to do is be Katharine Hepburn‘s character in Holiday, just back-flip-flopping all over the place, being amazing. We would, however, settle for being Katharine’s Hepburn’s character in any of her movies. Barring that, we would settle for being Katharine Hepburn. And if all that is impossible, we’d be willing to just dress like her.

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    • Kay

      Everyone should try to be more like Katharine Hepburn, i.e, a badass

    • Kj

      This is awesome, I had no idea what an epic badass she was <3
      I am proud to share her name!

      Although I don't think I could really steal her style, since she was epicly "willowy"

    • MR

      Please don’t be confused that I’m criticizing her. I think Cate Blanchett did an awesome job of summing her up acting her in ‘The Aviator’. But if you had to choose who would you say did a better Jo March, her or Winona Ryder?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Katharine Hepburn. Maybe because I always think of Winona as May Welland?

      • MR

        I can’t get into your His Girl Friday photoed posting. I just wanted to say that I didn’t want to diminish my sister-in-law’s contribution to where my brother resides. She is a doctor, and he couldn’t have made it there without her.

      • MR

        That’s a tough choice – though you know, I’ve always had a thing for Michelle Pfeiffer. Not that the Countess ever eclipsed May, for she definately outmaneuvered her, yes a very clever woman. But now you got me curious…. :) Why did Archer not go up to see her in the last scene of the film? I’m interested in what is a woman’s take on this.

      • Jennifer Wright

        That scene between Archer and the Countess gets me every time. I think – though I don’t necessarily agree – that Archer felt that nothing that could happen between the two in the future was going to be better than he remembered it. And he knew that the time in which they were supposed to be together had passed, and that you can’t repeat the past.

      • MR

        Yes, a very powerful scene, and very tragic. I’ve had many women friends tell me that he was an asshole. But as a man, I understood he respected his wife, for she was no longer with him.