Someone Made A G-String Wedding Dress

Well, it’s finally happened. My mother knew this day was coming as soon as brides started wearing strapless gowns. What a bunch of hussies. Now, German bridal house Kaviar Gauche has done the inevitable and designed a g-string wedding dress.

The dress is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — it has a long, sheer veil and underneath, a thong-th-thong-thong-thong with some latex-looking material covering the breasts. And that’s it. That’s the whole dress. So conceptual.

Here’s the back:

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    • Kj

      How very… Gauche. *le giggle* But seriously, you can’t really call that a dress, can you?

    • Lizzie

      “In the 19th century, wedding veils came to symbolise the woman’s virginity and modesty…Brides who are virgins may make use of the veil to symbolize and emphasize their status of purity during their wedding”

    • Christina Margarita

      Looks perfect for a Vegas wedding.