Check Out These Tattooed Disney Princesses

disney princesses tattoos

Who doesn’t look at Cinderella and think “well, she’ll be much more interesting when she goes through her Daphne Guinness phase and starts dying her hair silver and getting tattoos?” Not us, that’s for sure. So we’re pretty charmed by this series of Disney Princesses smoking, covered in tattoos and otherwise being… is it fair to say “more intriguing?” Just because they’ve adopted some more bohemian styles? Because we’re pretty sure they’re philosophy majors? That seems fair to say, actually. Check them all out here, the  ones below are some of our favorites.

Update: some of these were done by Greta Gibbens. To see her blog click here. Also, visit Sexy Sweaters for other images

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    • Meghan Keane

      Ursula looks like she’s going through an anorexic phase.

      • Rebekah Mae

        I agree. Everyone else is covered in ink and has metal poking out of their face but her. Shes the same, minus 200lbs

    • Greta

      i really don’t appreciate my work being used without credit.

    • Jamie Peck

      I’m so into these it’s not even funny.

    • Johanne

      why would you crop out Greta’s water mark?

    • Alis

      Where are the credits? The Ursula one especially looks like someone spent a lot of time on it. This is stealing.

    • Brie

      Pretty gross that you wouldn’t give credit to those who deserve it.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You can click link on the link that reads “check them all out here” for the source.

    • Nia

      Where are the credits? I know you didn’t make these.

    • Berr

      How about you give some credit to the person(Greta) who actually worked hard to make these.

    • Haley

      Greta worked really hard on these and you don’t give her any credit? that’s stealing. not cool..

      • Greta

        they’re not even all mine…
        i feel bad for the other artists who don’t even know their work is being used without credit. some of these clearly involved a lot of effort.
        it’s fucked up.

    • Alis

      “You can click link on the link that reads “check them all out here” for the source.”
      Journalism 101 says you should provide sources yourself. NOT ONLY THAT but the website you linked to does not provide actual sources.
      The most important thing about Journalism is credibility and you are seriously lacking in department. This is disgusting.

      • Jennifer Wright

        That is the source from which all images were procured. If they are not credited there, it should be discussed with them.

    • Leah

      Where are the credits ?
      Greta worked hard on it so please add the credits.

    • Melly

      Seriously? Wow. You have no life if you take things from Greta. Thos are her ideas and you just take them from her? You obviously don’t understand that this is stealing. Please remove these now.

    • Valerie

      It’s kind of sad that so much effort was put into these and they weren’t credited…fucked up.

    • Sab

      One of the sources links to a Facebook. Not very clever since the person that posted it on their profile probably didn’t create the image. A little research would be lovely regarding the content.

    • Nicole k

      Seriously, give credit, man. It’s unprofessional and horrible impolite to the person who DID create these! All you have to do is put the creator’s name and a link in, yeesh!

    • well what we got here

      What would you do if some websites were posting articles you’ve written without any links to your website and no credits? Your acting like children that got no idea what intelectual property is. If you use something that’s not yours, at least give them credits. It’s not that difficult to trace who made a picture, google images even has a function which lets you to drop the picture in a search box and see what other websites use it. If you really think these pictures are that good why the hell you crop out watermarks? Shame on you.

    • Georgia <– Source for the majority of them.

      Really what's so difficult about it.

    • Alis

      “That is the source from which all images were procured. If they are not credited there, it should be discussed with them.”

      False. You have to be able to stand by that what you post comes from a credible source. Did you even study Journalism? Based on your grammar I am going to assume you did not, however, this is common sense. If you want anyone to take you and your website seriously you have to do the research; you cannot source a site that has stolen images. This is wrong. This is unprofessional.

    • Greta

      “Update: some of these were done by Greta Gibbens. To see the source, click here.”
      uh uh.
      not the source.
      the source is, not gurl.

    • Vera

      Grow up. Refusing to give credit because Greta was ‘rude’ to you is not only unprofessional, but extremely childish. She has the right to be rude when you shamelessly steal and post images that she spent a lot of time and effort on, and give her no credit at all. Definitely won’t be returning to a site that operates like this, and I’ll tell everyone I know to do the same.

    • Ciara

      It doesn’t even matter if the artist (Greta) of a few of these were “rude” to you. Credit should be given where credit is deserved. She worked hard on these and to take them without giving credit, claiming she was being “rude” to you, and BECAUSE she was rude, you’re refusing to give her credit is unprofessional, childish, and makes you look bad. Adding a link to her blog will take you less than two minutes.

    • superjack

      LOL at this comment thread.

      Before we go throwing around all these serious words like journalism, let’s see Greta’s permissions to alter copyright material belonging to Disney.

    • Jean

      No, I doubt that most of these are philosophy majors. Can the world please learn what a philosophy major actually does? It’s not just really hard work, it’s also not very appealing to the subculture-inclined. It’s a lot of reading of dead white men and a lot of pushing the capacity of the human brain to understand an argument and locate holes somewhere within its structure. Please take a look at some contemporary analytic philosophy–what most respected schools’ departments focus on for the past several decades–and you’ll see why Philosophy majors do so damn well on the LSATs and GREs.
      These Disney princesses are probably film studies, English (as in postmodern criticism, not essay-writing…yet another academic discipline the general public doesn’t seem to understand), or sociology majors (the look like Foucault lovers) or something…these are the disciplines where the inked tend to congregate.

    • Ali

      Hot Topic Disney Princesses . . . . Awful ! lol

    • Cupcakebakery

      She is a little bit ugly

    • Cupcakebakery