Fashion Disasters: Justin Bieber Tries To Dress For Cold, Fails

Ladies, I’m sorry to disappoint you but child star Justin Bieber has committed an epic fashion fail yet again. Walking through LAX yesterday, the 17-year-old was spotted wearing a faux-fur hood — you know, the kind you buy for infants — and grey sweatpants tucked into patterned socks.

Once again for the cheap seats, that’s sweatpants tucked into socks.

We can only assume that this unrivaled disaster was the result of the fact that it’s been chilly here in L.A. for the past few days, and poor Justin became confused as to how to dress both comfortably and stylishly. This outfit looks like it was preceded by an hour of Bieber standing in front of his closet, tearing through everything he owns and weeping about the fact that if it’s stylish, it’s not warm, and if it’s warm, it’s not stylish. Finally, utter madness having set in, he put this on and thought it looked good.

We’ve all been there.

[image via the Daily Mail]

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    • Becca

      Isn’t he from Canada? I assumed all Canadians knew how to dress for warmth. He should consider something with long sleeves. I hear those are warm.

      • Odbery

        Yeah, this was definetly not an attempt at warmness, as I assume “cold” in LA means Canadian Spring. It’s just a regular old fashion fail.

    • bieberchick

      leave justin alone it’s not like since you r an A list celebrity you have to dress like a diva or a badass.

    • thisguy

      Justin has been dressing like a hot mess this past year. His likability has decreased quite a bit. Ever since he dropped his famous swoosh haircut, he’s really become less and less appealing.

    • cath d

      i myself think justin looks just fine, hes a young man who is clean and tidy, so does it really matter what clothes he has on.

    • Maggie

      Ohhh dear. Living in LA, though, I sort of understand. It doesn’t get cold very often, so when it does I think we all feel a little panicked about how to dress. It’s like how we all forget how to drive in the rain—we also all forget how to dress in the cold.

      I pity Selena the most, though. There’s no right way to have a fashion intervention on your significant other.