How Men Feel: About Your Tattoos


Last week, Jamie shared that she doesn’t really like people coming up to her and touching her tattoos for no reason. Sane, yes? Yes. This prompted some male commenters to say things like “I see girls with tattoos and all i think is low class …” and “No problem, we all know what they mean any way: You’re easy, you uglied yourself up, and you easily follow shallow trends.”

I like the way they used “easy” twice in the same sentence.

In any event, this delighted me because it meant we could round up the man panel! And they would seem so enlightened and grammar savvy! And not as awful! Here is how some actual non-troll men feel about tattoos.

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    • LCT

      I’m still stumped as to why a tattoo creates a problem for introducing a woman to a SO’s parents…even if they somehow had an old-fashioned bias against tattoos, if the tattoo is discreet and can be covered by clothing, why would it matter?


      • Michael Richardson

        Because the parents are extremely religious, or right wing, perhaps (maybe not right wing but conservative at least).

    • mr_man

      i have made the offer, to more than one girl, that i would pay to have an artist paint their next tat design on a canvas to hang on their wall, & have it made into buttons & put on a t-shirt if they agreed not to mutilate their body but they all refused. so it’s not about “art” or expressing some meaning. i have to agree with “you easily follow shallow trends.” i also think people (not just women) with tats have low-self esteem. my reasoning: if they were happy with the way they look they wouldn’t have to alter their appearance. (i’m not happy with my belly so i do sit ups). they also look dirty, like they missed a spot in the shower. they look absolutely horrible when coupled with formal wear. they are also very unprofessional. they are just awful.

      • Cassie

        I think one of the beautiful things about tattoos is that they’re extremely personal. You carry your tattoo with you always, not like some canvas on the wall. You carry it with you until your death, rather than the canvas, which can be sold or lost. A tattoo is customized to the contours of your body, which, if you ask me, is a way of celebrating and emphasizing them.

        Do you think when Indian women decorate their bodies with henna designs for their weddings or celebrations that they look “dirty”? The designs are intricate, meaningful, and considered beautiful by many people, though I suppose you would consider it “awful,” especially since a wedding is a formal event, and body art looks “absolutely horrible when coupled with formal wear.”

        If you think the only meaningful or beautiful art is the kind that can be hung on a wall, I think you’re pretty narrow.

      • eelizg23

        Ha, I kind of love Andrew’s response.

        I can’t really fathom how any tattoo–of anything anywhere and of any size is ALWAYS skanky.

      • Sam

        They most likely refused because you sounded incredibly patronizing when attempting to dissuade them from making a personal (100% completely, wholly personal) decision about their bodies.

        Additionally, learn a synonym for “also” and stop using zero capitalization. It looks unprofessional and absolutely horrible when coupled with formal wear.

      • blaze68

        typical grammar nazi. When you’re losing an argument you can always rely on spelling mistakes eh? Try wearing the same shirt day in and day out for years. If you get a visible tattoo that’s exactly what you’re doing.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Do you always respond to 2 year old comments?

      • blaze68

        Do you always respond to responses to your 2 year old posts?

      • Samantha_Escobar

        Do you always respond to my response to somebody else’s 2-year-old posts? OH GOD. THE CYCLE. THE HORROR.

      • Sam

        1) Despite having tattoos and blue hair, I’ve never once had a parent disapprove of me. I would say “…that I’m aware of, at least,” but every single parent I’ve ever met asks me back several times and tells my significant other that I’m a good gal. Even a “nice girl,” despite what answer #1 states.

        2) How are they “trends,” considering there’s an incredibly deep history of tattooing all over the world. And before somebody says, “but that’s THEIR culture, not YOURS,” how on earth would you know what my culture is by judging my appearance (or e-appearance)?

        3) Cutting your hair, wearing makeup, choosing what clothes to wear, shaving your legs/underarms/bikini line, etc. are all examples of ways people choose to alter their appearance. Would somebody really shame them out of making those choices? They typically wouldn’t. Because those are “socially acceptable” alterations that men frequently enjoy women to do. But if it’s a tattoo, suddenly they’re all upset, screaming about “low self-esteem” and yadda yadda.

        *Deep breath!*

      • Michael Richardson

        Good points here… I’ll elaborate a bit on no. 2 in that everyone comes from somewhere, and almost every major culture in existence has tattooing in their history in some form. Tattooing predates recorded history-how exactly does that equal a trend I wonder?

      • Elle

        That isn’t condescending or paternalistic at all. I can’t imagine why any of those women didn’t take you’re personal feelings about tattoos into account when making a decision for themselves and their bodies. How inconsiderate of them!

      • Marie

        I don’t find tattoos look dirty and I’ve never had anyone ask if I missed a spot in the shower. I have had people offer to take my design and have it printed and I laugh at them. If I wanted it printed I would get it printed – I want it with me, on me, for life because that symbol/picture/design is something I hold closer than I hold the paintings on my wall. I am happy with how I look, I like how I look but I like to dress up my skin a little and show the world what I’m all about. When someone looks at me they may judge me but they still know a lot about me without my saying a word.

      • Kat

        Mr_Man. While your offer might come from your best intentions, and I have a few pieces that I would love to ALSO have as art on the wall, i don’t think you understand what a tattoo means to some of us that have them. Whether they celebrate loss or victories, all of my tattoos have deep meaning to me, and their placements do as well. Whether it is because of the event, or a link to the chi flow and chakras, the placement of all, and the fact they are part of me, is as significant as the design itself. Many, many beautiful pieces are memorial pieces – literally wearing your heart on your sleeve – a reminder of those fallen and never forgotten.
        You have the right not to do it yourself, not to look if it offends you. By judging and saying hurtful things, you say much more about yourself than you do about the individual you judge.

      • Emily Hager

        what in the hell does formal wear got to do with ink? Really? I dont wanna be Formal. Formal wear.. U silly bitch!

    • eelizg23

      Woops, accidentally posted this as a response, so posting it again.

      I kind of love Andrew’s response.

      I can’t really fathom how any tattoo–of anything anywhere and of any size is ALWAYS skanky.

    • Marie

      I’m heavily tattooed myself and I love tattoos on men and women. I just have to point something out about Dave’s comment about tattoos being skanky and not being able to bring a tattooed woman home to his parents. He says if he sees a tattoo while talking to a girl at the bar it’s a turnoff. You can’t bring a “skanky” tattooed girl home to mom and dad but you can bring a girl home you picked up at a bar? Who is skanky… the girl with a few tattoos or the girl who just went home with a stranger?

    • pffffft

      On the flip side, I’d never date a guy who doesn’t have a tattoo.

      If you still have clean and clear skin, you are either overly in love with your own physique (God made you PERFECT!) or you’re pasty white and scared of everything. Or, you’re not a deep thinker and can’t understand symbolism.

      If you won’t date women that have tattoos, you have a very narrow idea of what femininity is and how it should look. In my world, femininity can include toughness, intelligence, passion, creativity, and a sense of humor… and tattoos that reflect that.

      • Alex

        Hypocritical much?

      • Patricia

        seriously? only people with tattoos understand symbolisms? And do they use said symbolism to hide their unperfect bodies? tattoo means you’re tough, passionate and creative?

        what the hell?

      • Paul

        Wow, I’m one of the biggest supporters of tattoos, but this comment is just ridiculous. I read and write a lot about tattooing and this is the first time I have encountered a tattooed person who feels so strongly about non-tattooed people. Much of my writing puts emphasis on the idea that you cannot possibly know anything about a person based on the fact that they have tattoos. Each person is unique and has their own reasons for getting tattooed.

        You are making the exact same judgments and are just as narrow minded as the people you are criticizing. Having an open mind works both ways. You can’t just proclaim that you would never date anyone with no tattoos and then go on to tell others that they have a narrow view of the world because they won’t date someone with tattoos. That is about as hypocritical as you can get.

        I guess I need to think twice about using the old saying, “The only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is tattooed people don’t care if you are not tattooed.”, because you just proved it wrong.

      • Michael Richardson

        Yeah, pretty ignorant statement. Basing your opinion on an entire group of people based on a single characteristic is ridiculous.

      • Emily Hager

        Get it Girl!

      • blaze68

        Oh I see. On one hand you claim getting a tattoo is a personal decision then on the other you claim you wouldn’t date anyone that doesn’t have one. How ‘tolerant’ you are.

    • Pagina

      To each their own. If you want to express yourself through tattoos, it’s your right to do so. Lots of people get tattoos for deeply personal reasons and others get them because they think they look cool. The reasons really don’t matter, but I think it’s important to be aware that essentially all people (at least in part) judge others on their appearance. If you’re ok with that reality, then ink up and live happily doing it. (And, maybe avoid blogs that make you angry about how other people don’t appreciate your way of expressing yourself)

      I personally have no tattoos. I think my reasons are two-fold: 1. I feel I’m constantly changing and that what is important to me today may not be important tomorrow. If I’m going to carry something with me until I die, I want to be damn sure it’s something I will care about when I’m 80. 2. I find I express myself in different ways and I find that satisfying, so the desire for tattoos to do that job simply isn’t there.

    • Seriously?

      I have to laugh at Sam’s response: “Cutting your hair, wearing makeup, choosing what clothes to wear, shaving your legs/underarms/bikini line, etc. are all examples of ways people choose to alter their appearance.”

      Yes, they are ways of altering ones appearance but there is a HUGE difference between those things and a tattoo. THEY ARE NOT PERMANENT.

      If someone changes their mind about the hair cut they got, an outfit they wore, or make-up they tried they are free to do so. Tattoos on the other hand…

      • MR

        Yeah, tattoos will always out-do hippie long hair. But both are a form of human expression – which is always a good thing.

      • I am me

        Yes but you can cut that hair for the big job interview.

      • Seriously?

        Oh I’m not arguing that tattoos aren’t a form of self expression, same as hippie hair, I’m just saying that using all of those as examples is a pretty poor argument.
        In all honesty I’m ok with most tattoos. I think they should mean something to the person and not be there just “because”. I also think it’s smarter to have it in a place that is easily hidden in the event it needs to be, or the owner wants it to be.

    • paul

      i think mike ness (social d.) said it best. “people used to get tattoos to be different, now people get tattoos to be the same”. its absolutely true that these days the majority of people who are getting tats are doing it to fit in. if putting a piece of metal through the bellybutton was trendy these are the same people that would be lining up to get that done too….oh wait thats true too haha! in other words whatever media is telling them looks he cool they will obey and follow. i live in hollywood california and i gotta say not having a tattoo is much more of a statement of individualism these days then getting one.
      funny story for those who think that tattoos have a “deep” personal meaning- my ex decided to get a tattoo on her bday. she got the alcoholics anonymous serenity prayer tattooed on her wrist, after all she had not had a drink in almost two days at that point. anyway the sobriety lasted about a whole 2 more days and now shes just as drunk as ever and she grabs her drinks with the same hand shes got the tattoo on! kinda reminds me of the guy who bummed a cig off me at a show once who had “straightedge” tattoed on his back…admit it if you got a tramp stamp, “tribal” tats, or chinese writing you are the biggest posers in the world right now!

      • Paul B.

        “its absolutely true that these days the majority of people who are getting tats are doing it to fit in.”

        What qualifies you to make such a broad statement about a large portion of the population?

        Your little story about your ex isn’t a funny story at all, and really isn’t about the tattoo on her wrist. Her struggle with alcohol is obviously personal to her, but her failure to stay sober doesn’t mean the tattoo doesn’t have meaning. It was AA that failed her, not her tattoo artist. Whether tattooed or not, committing to staying clean and sober is a major struggle for some people and making fun of their situations under the guise of a funny tattoo story is just juvenile and tasteless.

    • Jamie Peck

      Hey Andrew! I am a nice Jewish girl, and I have tattoos. And I dislike pain, and like to write thoughts down on paper. None of these things are mutually exclusive.

      Fred: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      • Happy with Live

        You are NOT a nice Jewish girl anymore. You are just another brainwashed person, manipulated by Hollywood. Heck you are not even feminine anymore.

      • Emily Hager

        U are an asshole! Ink does not take away from a woman’s femininity.. U must have a small dick. LMAO I have tattoos and I am very feminine . I also could probably beat a grown mans ass. I know how to be a lady but I also know that its not the clothes we wear or the car we drive OR THE INK THAT I SIT IN A CHAIR FOR HOURS ON END AND LET SOMEONE JAB INTO MY FLESH FOR A HUGE FEE…… THAT MAKE ME WHO I AM! Its whats in my heart . Fuck u very much!

      • zerofallout

        A real lady, that’s completely obvious. A tattoo might as well be an personal advertisement saying: I think I’m cooler and deeper than you now, please look at me and comment. In reality, you just paid to lower your class status to the majority of the population that makes things happen, a move many would consider laughable and shallow. It is almost a glaring symbol of an ignorance of change coupled with low self esteem.

        You don’t look like a work of art, so you try getting a new paint job to cover up your inadequacy. Bravo! LA is full of fools like this. I know a few. One is finally nearing the end of her series of laser treatments to have her artistic “expression” removed. Oops.

        Feel free to hate on me for giving you an honest opinion. The truth hurts. You made a permanent mistake in an effort to make others admire your originality. Blame it on the death of a pet or a family member, or a brotherhood you desparately need to feel closer to

      • Tattoos are for morons

        Well said. Look at how she talks about someone, because he does not like tattoos. Ironically she claims to be feminine but with a truck driver mouth and truck driver skin[tattoos], she is as advertised, a female with no class.

      • Tattooed

        it’s very discouraging to see how people react to ink. I’m a very
        feminine and beautiful women, I also have a tattoo. On top of that I
        have a degree in math with a minor in computer science. I’m far from
        stupid and I’m also not lower class. I have one tattoo that starts at
        my forehead, goes down the side of my face, down my neck and onto my
        back. I did not get it to fit in. I didn’t get it to prove something.
        I have Aspergers
        . My Tattoo is a warning sign that I do think differently then you
        and I see things differently so if you are interested in knowing me
        don’t expect a chat about the weather.

      • blaze68

        Bzzzzt! Wrong!
        Women who “are very feminine” don’t brag about being able to ‘beat a grown man’s ass” or make trashy comments about penis size or claim that “tattoos make me who I am”. All wrong. A real woman doesn’t screech at constructive criticism. A real woman does not scream that she is feminine. A real woman, just is.

      • Britgal

        Are you always such a vulgar twat?

    • ikea

      I don’t really care if a girl has head-to-toe tats or none at all, but I do kind of get the feeling that people with tattoos see people without tattoos as too “vanilla”. Someone without tattoos could be seen as less expressive, less committed, less able to tolerate pain. If a guy has some huge fancy japanese tattoo vs none at all, I think the large majority of women would find the tattooed guy more masculine and attractive.

      Now that tattoos are increasingly mainstream, the question to non-tattooed people these days is almost “what are you afraid of?”.

      • A

        I disagree. Most of my friends don’t have tattoos. My boyfriend has far fewer tattoos than I and most of my exes were un-inked. If someone has tattoos, I’ll talk for hours about our experiences and what we want next, etc but as long as I can find something to talk to someone about, it doesn’t matter whether they’ve jumped on the body mod bandwagon or not. And depending on the tattoo, I’d actually look down on someone with something as stereotypical as a Japanese tattoo, because they often scream “flash” to me. At least someone without isn’t getting inked because it’s popular and may be more cautious (which I sometimes need to balance me out).

      • Java Junkie

        What if somebody got their Japanese tattoo while actually living in Japan? My preference for Japanese tattoos comes from my obsession with their culture. I had my half sleeve done because it symbolizes an important period in my life. Not to mention being hand drawn from scratch my tattoo is nothing like flash. My other arm though….ugh! Tribal flash that i let a bf convince me it looks soooo good lol. Now I have to find another artist to do a good coverup sleeve on that arm.

        The only drawback I’ve found to tattoo’s is formal wear as said above. I have to be very careful about my color choices when they are visible so as to avoid any clashing with my outfits. I’ve met guys who were turned off by a woman with ink and other’s like my boo who loves tattoos. It’s his opinion they express a person’s individuality and with the right tattoos are like a window into a person’s soul.

      • Sam

        I have several tattoos and I promise, 99% of us tattoo owners don’t judge people who have none! If people are judgmental about those without tattoos, they should probably run back to Hot Topic with the rest of the non-conformists. I only judge people who have tattoos that look like they were poorly done because I assume they value the cheapness over the quality which is usually not a good thing when it comes to permanent shit on your body.

        P.S. And I’m totally a brat about the pain; I always cry and need breaks that involve ice cream. So not able to tolerate pain!

      • Paulette Gonzalez

        90% of my friends have no tats. I personally don’t care. A couple tats of mine are visible but most of them are not. I don’t care what people get tattooed or if they don’t want to, its their body and their decisions which I respect and expect to be respected as well. I only have one friend that asks me what I got or asks for pictures every time I visit, I just giggle.

        And if people without tattoos are vanilla, then let’s have a Neapolitan ice cream :)

    • jeans

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    • Stephanie

      Um, really I don’t care how random men feel about my tattoos. I have 9, including one that spans my entire back. I love all my tattoos and couldn’t imagine myself without them. If a dude thinks I look ‘trashy’ or ‘dirty’ he’s obviously not a guy I’m trying to attract. There actually a pretty good deterrent to narrow minded douchebags.

      • A

        Exactly what I was thinking. I have five and an appointment for a back piece week after next. It’s nice when people compliment my ink, but can’t say I really care if anyone else likes them or not. If a guy thinks I’m trashy, oh well, I would probably think he’s boring or a jerk, so it’s best we don’t get involved.

      • B

        Pitiful. It is sad because women are the ones who make this world go around and we cannot even respect ourselves anymore.

      • Michael Richardson

        What’s pitiful is your belief that someone has no self respect because they got some ink. Closed-mindedness is rampant in America today, but it’s slowly getting better, and tattoos becoming more accepted is proof of that.

    • Norman

      I personally find heavily tattooed women really pretty. I just think the designs tattooed on women should be well designed and well tattooed of course. If the designs on a lady flow with her natural shape and curves I find it enhances overall appearance. Sure I am a tattoo enthusiast but still judging a lady or anyone else’s personality because they are tattooed is just wrong. Some of the kindest and honorable people I know are heavily tattooed.

      As they say never judge a book by it’s cover ;)

      • Love My Life

        People judge people by their appearance all the time. Whether it is finding a mate, job interview, social stigma etc. It is called life. To deny this , is to deny being human.

    • Peter

      I’m not going to say I wouldn’t date a woman with a lot of tattoos, but she’d definitely be working against it whether by having a logical explanation for it or being otherwise great–kind of like a really pretty girl could be mildly awkward and get away with it, or a really funny girl could be a little too loud, or a girl that I really communicate well with could be too shy.

      It’s not necessarily that the tattoos would take away from the visual appeal. They could go either way. Having a bunch of them that are difficult to conceal would make me think a girl isn’t big on foresight. If someone is going to put permanent marks on their body, think of the other things that have potentially permanent repercussions that they might have also done.

    • Morning Glory

      How Men Feel: About Your Tattoos needs to be followed by Why You Should Give A Fuck: About What Men Think Of You. Because I just can’t figure out how! Gosh.

      • emily

        hell yea right on!!!

      • Trina

        I was going to say something witty about this article but hot damn, you just said it. Right on!

      • Jenni Trulov

        YES THANK YOU.

    • Charly

      Have any of you tattooed ladies thought about what they are going to look like when you are fifty and your tats have faded and your skin is sagging. I have seen some and it is not pretty.

      • Sam

        It always makes me giggle when people ask this, as though somehow that never crossed anyone’s minds. Oh! Thank goodness you’re here to rescue my future! Mercy on my soul!

        You said it yourself: my skin will be sagging. Sagging is not exactly the epitome of cute as it is, so who cares? Most elderly people have age spots, which our society tells us should be eliminated; perhaps mine will just be covered up. I’ll be wrinkly, spotty, saggy, and probably a little bloated lookin’, so what exactly is so bad about having some skin be differently colored? Also: what business is that of yours?

      • Bluebunny!

        I vouched your comment! Hell who’s going to say “she’s/ he’s hot 60 years old” with or without tattoos. Who really cares of a “sagging” tattooed skin? Seriously, who will? Lol! People, get real!

      • Kororia Kahui-Ariki

        Just goes to show you have no appreciation for what other people want.
        Until you become aware & respect people for who they are & what they are into you will never understand. To not understand is the same as being ignorant & close minded. Tattoos are merely an expression, if you dont like it dont look at it. No one judges you for not having them.

      • Emily Hager

        Thats RIGHT!!! DONT LOOK AT MY TATTOOS !! %)

      • Jeddie – a very successful tattooed female.

        For one thing I don’t understand how a tattoo can be considered shallow. And more importantly, how are the truly shallow women who are full of Botox and juviderm going to look when they’re old? To me, plastic surgery is a pretty sick form of body modification but everyone seems to think it’s great when a girl gets bags of goo shoved under her skin. Sexy stuff right there.

    • John

      Tattoos only fool shallow people who can’t see beyond the surface of things. That’s why I will never date a woman with a tattoo.

      • Michael Richardson

        I’m sure many women out there would thank you for that. And it’s highly ironic that you mention not seeing past the surface of things, yet you judge others based on them having tattoos…? Odd.

      • I am me

        We all judge others. If you do not date that 300 lb lady, you are judging as well. Please do not play that high and mighty crap.

      • Michael Richardson

        I’m not the one talking about not seeing past the surface. Maybe you should read for context before spouting ignorant opinions.

        Sorry, but I don’t have to date a 300 lb. lady to prove I’m not judgmental. There’s a certain thing called human instinct… maybe you forgot.

      • Emily Hager

        I would not want to date u either John because u are dry white toast and probably a bad lay &)

    • Serrano

      While I find the art work sometimes remarkable, I also find tattoos a thing that lowers my estimation of a person. A flag goes up and it always says, low- class. In women I find it reprehensible and will not hire a job applicant that admits to having a tattoo or has one that can be seen. A tattoo on a woman to me says, “Slut, this is no lady” – - case closed. On men I find them less offensive, but it makes me think the guy has less going for him than if he had not scared up and abused his body which was just fine before.

      • Wow

        That is horrible. I find your words reprehensible and I am so sorry you believe body art is an indication of how many people a woman has slept with or her place in society(Oh excuse me, are tattoos cheap? I didn’t know). Your obvious double standard is pretty gross. The positive side? Those tattooed “sluts” you refuse to hire get out of having to work for a raging douche bag.


      Its funny how all of you are judgeing people who get tattoos..what is it to you? you are NOT GOD you are NOBODY to that person who has tattoos.i bet every single one of you that judged someone has something imperfect about yourself and how would you feel if people are talking about you? if people wanna follow people then they will regret it and learn from it on the other hand some artist love it.Im a woman & i consider myself an indivisual and im tatted the fuck up. i have a sleeve on my arm my whole back & my thigh im 20 highly motivated graduated highschool going for my ba im a cosmetologists and when i NEED to i wear a long sleeve to hide it but i mostly show them off because it makes ME WHO I AM anyways thank you to the people who took the time to read this

      • I am me

        Oh and you will not judge any woman you date , no matter how fat or old she is ? Give me a break . You are a hypocrite. We all judge appearance. It is called being human.

      • Emily Hager

        ur awesome

    • Kaiser von allem

      I’m a man and I believe that no one HAS to get a tattoo or CAN’T have a tattoo. I have tattoos, in fact I just got another tonight! I think women with tattoos are sexy, they are themselves and nobody can say any differently. However, I don’t like the people who just get a flash sleeve and call themselves bad ass, each tattoo should have meaning, should be what THEY want. Not what our society dictates is ‘acceptable’ or what every one thinks is ‘hip’. If killing and eating small children became ‘cool’ and all of the ‘celebrities’ started doing it… would you? Most of you are saying “No way!” (Or at least I hope you are :-)). But, in all reality a lot of you would, and it sickens me to my very core when I think of all the sheep sorrounding me. And yes, I said sheep, because what do sheep do? They do the exact same thing as every other sheep around them, and they follow their shepherd. Thank you to everyone who read this and actually thought about it before getting angry or agreeing with me, remember I don’t like sheep. :-)

      • Emily Hager

        Im not being a smart ass but I probably would … I dont like kids. I could totally see me making a kiddie pot pie.

    • Kal Imist

      Fact: Getting Chinese, Japanese or Arabic writing is likely indicative of someone who wanted to fit in. Tribal symbols tend to also fall into that category.
      It’s about getting it right. If you get designs straight out of the tattooists sketchbook you may regret it later. If you feel you want to wear designs on your body, design it yourself. If you can’t draw describe it to a friend who can and get them to design it. If you can’t think of anything good, don’t get anything done. If you have a design you love and feel it would complement your body then you should consider taking the plunge. Draw (or have someone draw) on yourself with a (water based) felt tip pen and check it in the mirror, even colour it in if you want.
      Most bad tattoos come from people rushing into it as an idea. Most good tattoos are from people who thought hard about the design and weather it would still please them in ten, twenty or thirty years time.

      I have two tattoos, one on my foot and one inside my forearm, both designed by me, both of images I like aesthetically and will be happy to carry with me for life. I’ve even had people comment that I must be a fan of the works of Escher due to the nature of my forearm tat (an optical illusion which works from any angle)
      When I got my forearm tattoo I was employed as a front of house supervisor in a restaurant owned by a three star Michelin chef and the other members of management had no problem with me keeping my sleeves rolled up. In the eight months I worked there with the arm tattoo we had a total of one complaint about it. This is rural England, renowned for small minded opinions.

    • Paulette Gonzalez

      Correction on the title: ” How Some men feel about tattooed women”

    • Nell.

      I have ink. I am also a respectable accountant, my tattoo is a symbol of myself, it is also the same tattoo my grandad and my cousin have and the words are in Latin because it is a message for me, not for you narrow minded people to judge me on. I have ink in places you would never see when I get married, or in formal wear or office wear. I very much doubt at the ripe old age of 60 when it’s sagging I will be flaunting my disgustingly abused body anyway, alas the only person to see my “skanky” ink will be the man who loved me for many years while I am tattooed, because coincidentally he isn’t shallow enough to make assumptions that a woman is lower class and slept with many because something means enough to her she wants a reminder everywhere she goes. She’s perfectly entitled to have an opinion just like men. Why is it only skanky on women I ask? It’s very much like saying if you weren’t born with holes in your ears you are destroying your body getting them pierced. Do we cause such a fuss over this? No, because its personal opinion, personal choice and very shallow to judge me and other inked woman based on a choice we didn’t enter into randomly, or to fit in. Stereotypes are the reason society doesn’t function the way it should, thinking everyone should think like you is a common misconception from people who just simply don’t understand the fact we are all different and our beliefs, past and experiences shape us as we grow older. You don’t like them so don’t get one, just don’t call me a slut for having a different opinion when I can follow the life of a very respectable young woman with a past she cherishes. I have also never been or never will be skanky or a slut, so it’s about time people got over themselves and understood the reality that is a very diverse world we live in.

    • Jenni Trulov

      I get my tattoos for me so it doesn’t really matter what men, women, whoever thinks about them.

      • Topix Day

        Fair enough.. Then when you get turned down for a job because of your tattoos, don’t complain.

      • Jenni Trulov

        Look at your ignorant self knowing nothing about me. 1. I’m a tattoo artist, currently employed. 2. Before that I was an OR Nurse, saving lives over here. Tattoos don’t inhibit employability, ignorance does.

      • Tattoos are for morons

        Fair enough. It does not matter who I hire either and the fact is that hiring tattoo people cost my business money and class.

      • Jenni Trulov

        Fun fact! The job positions that seem to care about tattoos are low-end retail jobs. Before I became a tattoo artist, I was an OR nurse. Several of the surgeons I know have them, one of my clients is a lawyer, another owns his own business, another is in marketing and manages the adverting for their company. I could go on and on.

        So just because you won’t hire people with tattoos doesn’t mean people with tattoos can’t find great jobs elsewhere. Enjoy your ignorance <3

    • Liberty DiMarco

      Almost everyone is a slut. We who have tattoos are just better at advertising it.

    • Orange guy

      I do think there are many people who get tattoos due to low self esteem. What I mean is that they fail to realize how beautiful they are already ! They were made beautifully by our Creator, God. If they have not been taught that by their parents and their churches and it is not reconfirmed by their parents, then it is probably very easy to succumb to the idea that some beautiful artwork (some of it) on their body will make them more beautiful. As one who was taught that, I still often mull over whether a tattoo will make me more appealing to women, partly because so many people have them and are in some way esteemed by many young attractive women. It is a very real pressure even on many adults I believe, to want to appear “in” and young, and a little crazy (not a stick in the mud).
      I do have to remind myself however in regards to women not to make assumptions as to what it says about them because it does make me think “if this woman is crazy enough to let some scary lookin dude put his paws all over her with needles, risking infections, etc., what else is she crazy enough to do ?” I do believe it does give the impression that the woman is pretty sexually promiscuous. I know it is not right to assume that, but that is a very easy(and hopefully inaccurate) conclusion that can be made. I am sure I am not the only man who thinks that way ! I certainly would not want my daughter to get a tattoo but strangely I still contemplate it because of the allure of the world to fit in. With men especially, I see some of these guys with tattoos covering so much of their body and piercings all over as well, they look like frightening beasts and things out of a nightmare. They are people that I would never want my daughter associating with. That being said, there are also many people with no morals and no tattoos.

      • David D.

        I could not agree any better than all you wrote and being my age which is 21, most women I encountered as well as my ex were very promiscuous but than said tats are the way of life or that crappy statement “it’s art” I Strongly feel a woman with a tattoo is a turn off and it’s not being judgmental its from, why would you want to permanently scare your body & look stupid in years??? it is a fad & again if your parents raised you to Respect your body it is easy for you to not get any on you.
        The bible itself says Respect your temple. what’s really annoying is when you have Great sense in what your saying especially on this topic lots of ignorant people will fuss and the Hostility is undeniable. I feel even as a black guy, with no tats most girls judge you or think your weak, because its all about status with a lame scare on your body. Now I would admit, Some tats are nice, but than again why would etch that onto you. I also agree it’s the people you surround yourself with & how intelligent the person is, if your going with the crowd, (which most do) than I have no reason to comment about your “Art.”
        I personally wouldn’t want my kids to have any to show that your skin is beautiful as well & the person god has made you, but of course some ignoramus will say “Pastors are okay with tats since its about their body” no I don’t think so. the self-respect & the low-class downgrade to your body. (Very excellent statement) Good day Sir

    • Wes

      It’s a matter of personal opinion. Personally I don’t like tattoos on women at all.