Retro Snap: You Probably Know This Super Famous Singer

lizzie grant lana del ray

Though she’s changed a good deal since this picture was taken…

It’s Lana Del Ray back when she was still Lizzie Grant. After failing as a singer/songwriter – who looked really lovely and approachable – she went into hiding and emerged as Lana del Ray. She now looks like this, which is to say, she looks markedly different (the lips! Look at the lips! Also, she has all kinds of flowers in her hair now! Like a butterfly from a cocoon! Or something!):

lana del ray

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    • Kj

      Ha! I thought this was Gwen Stefani.

      Get this del rey character off my screen. Ugh. I think there was a reason her previous career failed….

    • Amanda Chatel

      Aw! She’s cute before she fucked up her face!

    • Nix

      Is it just me that thinks that aside of the lips, some weight loss and MAYBE something in the jaw area she looks the same? Look at a candid and it barely differs, I think the difference in her look is a lot due to quality styling and photos, how unfair when every other famous person does without, right? I don’t like, adore her and go all over the internet defending her to detractors (could there be a more time consuming hobby?) but come on, the gloss, I know you’re creative enough to start your own hate wagons, not playing on people’s odd belief that famous people have to be REAL beautiful people, like the rest of us! Not openly fake beautiful people trying to act like they are still humans and not Lady Gaga-robot-weirdos. AND her dad is rich so she sucks, right? Are cool,self aware, educated people falling on this line too? Now somebody tell me they hate her because she’s the first woman in music whose voice doesn’t measure up live, as if SNL is suddenly a raw talent tastemaker.

    • Randy

      I heard Liz in NYC like 5 years ago.She was singing some jazz standards backthen and did a bit of hip hop. She just dyed her hair since,i don’t know what the all fuss is about.She’s a very funny girl!She just have to pose for photoshoots now and look serious,i guess it’s how they want her to be right now.