Gallery: Vera Wang’s New L.A. Digs

Vera Wang recently moved to Beverly Hills, and in the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar, she shows off her new digs…as well as herself, in a bathing suit. Both she and her home look rad.

[Images via Harper's Bazaar/Photos by Douglas Freidman]

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    • Fredrik smith

      Its so very awesome and creative.

    • Patricia

      She looks like she’s just another piece of furniture to complement the house, so so so soweird.

      I get that people want stylish houses, but this is so cold and lifeless.

    • porkchop


      Her holding that fios-looking remote is only underlining to total lack of hangoutability of that place.

      Also, if I were Vera Wang, I would be like: I’m Very Wang; I do not wear a swimsuit with heels. (actually, I say that now)

    • Meghan Keane

      I like seeing Vera Wang hang out with stuff. My parents bought me a picture from that is supposed to house our wedding invitation and a photo from the wedding, but 5 months later, I still have the stock photo of Vera hugging a wedding dress in the frame and I think I might leave it that way.

    • K

      (Slide 7) There must be so much Rick in that beautiful closet. I love that she wore him in the spread, too (slide 6).