So Many Important Things To Do Before I Get Married

honda commercial proposal

Did you guys see my boyfriend propose to me in that new Honda commercial?

Oh my god, it was so romantic. We were walking around town in the rain arguing about which movie to see and he was all, “Do you want to get married?” He didn’t even get down on one knee because he’s so progressive. And I was all, “Wait! Hold the phone! Swivel the camera toward me ’cause I’m about to go off on a crazy montage that depicts my liberal feminist agenda that you’ll hinder!”

There are just certain things you can’t do when you’re married to some misogynistic asshole you proposed to you on the street after an argument.

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    • Nancy

      Loved it! I feel your pain on the sushi platter, except not for the sushi part. I want to eat every jumbo platter of anything at restaurant’s I like, but no one will ever share it with me! >:( grrrr

    • sara

      Yes! I also saw this and though WTF?? Its really really sad that I think they thought they were being pro-women with this ad.

    • Mary

      This is hilarious. Especially the analcat part

    • Amy

      Ha! I saw this commercial the other day and I thought, “why can’t you do this stuff while your married or with your partner?”

      The character was trying to be all feministy, but actually came across as an immature ditz who resents her boyfriend for holding her back. Fail.

      • MR

        Yeah you’re right. You know they have shelters all along the way on Appalachian Trail – those in the Great Smoky Mountains were my favorite. :)

      • self help

        I totally thought the same.

    • kiki

      maybe the guy say the Beyaz birth control commercial with all the things you couldn’t possibly do when you have children and extrapolated from it?

      Go to Paris with children? MADNESS!
      Get a degree/professional development as a mom? IT CAN’T BE DONE
      although my favorite is either that you can’t possibly buy a house with kids, OR that kids totally cramp your style when it comes to stealing another woman’s man.

    • Mel

      I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who was engaged once, and then wasn’t. And it was because I knew there were things that I was effectively saying no to if I wanted to be married, and if I wanted that marriage to be fair and respectful of where that fellow wanted to be, and I wasn’t ready to say no to these things.

      You’re absolutely wrong if you think that everything you do as an unmarried female, you can also do when you are married. I’m not talking obvious things like casual sex, I’m talking important life decisions or taking on certain experiences. If you decide to quit your high-paying job because you’re so unhappy, or to take a year off to travel the world… decisions like these no longer just have implications on you but on someone else’s life. When you marry, you tie your life to someone wonderful and that person builds his or her life around your shared plan. If you decide to deviate from that plan, what happens then? Will the other half really be okay with it? If he or she is willing to for love, will it be fair to him or her to make that decision?

      I’m hoping that one day I feel like I’ll have done “enough” with my life that I’d be comfortable saying no to some of what life has to offer because I’d prefer to have one path and stick with it. But for now, I guess I still have “the Appalachian Trail” as the ad says and a whole lot of other things first.

    • self help

      I thought the same thing when I saw this commercial. Like why can’t she learn the drums while married? It makes no sense, and ultimately doesn’t make me want to buy Honda.