• Wed, Jan 25 2012

The Editors Discuss: Swing Kids And Other Dancing Nazi Movies

swing kids dancing nazis

Sometimes, Editor in Chief Jennifer Wright and deputy editor Ashley Cardiff just want to dance. Normal, non-antisemitic dancing. Which is to say, in a way that has nothing to do with the godawful 1993 movie Swing Kids starring Christian Bale. As a dancing Nazi. Here, they discuss this and other movies in which dancing and Nazis converge.

Also, have you seen Metroland?

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  • Ellen W.

    Okay, you have a point but there are redeemable features to the film.

    First: I cling to the belief that Robert Sean Leonard and Christian Bale would swing dance with me if I ever meet them at a party.

    Second: the soundtrack is amazing.

    Third: One of them gets sent to a consentration camp at the end and you can be sure that all the others die somewhere between Hamburg and St. Petersburg.

    /Honest question: do you also hate Das Boot for humansing Nazis?

  • Jeff

    Everyone knows Gotham City is supposed to be Chicago!