How Sexy Are Oxford Commas? The Sexiest!

oxford comma orange juice toast eggs

So, on TheGloss, a fashion-beauty-lifestyle-relationships site, our most popular post is inexplicably one about the Oxford comma (that we did months ago, because found a funny graphic and wanted an excuse to talk about stripper outfits). We are left to conclude that our readership is obsessed with Oxford commas, maybe because they are sexy and fun. So, here’s another graphic from the Grammar Police about how Oxford commas make a difference when it comes to eggs, toast, and orange juice. It’s funny because in the lower slide, the little man is clearly talking to orange juice and toast as they fornicate. There. Tied this all back to “lifestyle and relationships.”

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    • Goldie

      I definitely fall on the pro side of the Great Oxford Comma Debate, however I think this comic illustrates an example of when the oxford comma isn’t needed. While there are enough opportunities for confusion to warrant using the OC all the time (consistency plz!), in this case no one would ever think the orange juice and toast were combined.

    • MR

      English was always my worst subject. :) I have British family, and still do – surname Irish, who immigrated to Britain, and mine then to the US – so I think I have a reflex to use it.

      • MR

        PS. And when were you going to tell me the Brits don’t actually tend to use them? Yes, I didn’t go to Oxford. :)

    • Auntie Q

      It is so not necessary. It clarifies nothing and simply clutters up one’s writing!

      • m, m, and b

        But think about how you would say the sentence. It doesn’t clutter up writing because it makes writing read more like speaking. That’s why the graphic does a great job of showing you what makes them necessary.

        Without one, it would be like someone saying, “I had eggs…toastandorangejuice.” Where in reality someone would say, “I had eggs…toast…and orange juice.” Obviously not as long of a pause as the … implies, but I just used those for emphasis. I’m being jumbley myself right now, but hopefully you get the picture. I have an all-out love affair with the Oxford comma. I hate when people don’t use them. It’s simply incorrect. Sorry!