What Your Favorite Blog Says About You (Incidentally, Do You Own A Purse Dog?)

purse dog thegloss

I don’t have a purse dog, but I am entirely open to the possibility, and would name it Margaret Thatcher. Well, I am open to the possibility provided it is very, very quiet and never has bodily functions of any kind.

Come to think of it, maybe not.

Ashley didn’t know what a purse dog was. I explained it, and noted the possibilities regarding names, little scarves, a conversation partner, miniature Thatcher costumes, etc. As of now, she remains closed to the possibility.

So, then, do you own a purse dog? If you do, please share about it in detail. If not, please explain what you would name yours, and how you would turn it into a strategic icebreaker at cocktail parties.

Not prompted by anything at all, just making conversation!


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    • Eve

      I saw that, and I thought that whoever decided most Gloss readers own purse dogs must have only looked at the site, and perhaps glanced at the headlines, but not actually read any articles.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Miss Maggie Thatcher is insulted. She is going to bite you, and you won’t be able to see it coming because she is invisible. And mute.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I didn’t even know this was a phrase, “purse dog”! I had a Rotweiler growing up.

    • Kj

      Incidentally, I would like to have a purse dog. Two, in fact. I want two miniature rottweilers and I would like to name them Cher and Dionna (And I might get a cat called Amber eventually.)

      I assume that purse dog is meant to be some kind of insult, but seriously, purse dog! Love it.

    • Lynna

      I guess I technically own a purse dog, but then that would mean I’m carrying around 7lb purses.

      His name is Pip, he’s a long haired chihuahua, and I’ve only had to carry him in my (actual) purse once when it was too hot out and his feet were getting burned on the pavement. He travels in a carrying bag sometimes if I’m driving somewhere with him, but is otherwise a normal small dog on a leash.

      I bought him a giant stuffed octopus yesterday and it’s now his best friend and lover.

      • Amanda Ernst

        I’m in the same boat Lynna — I wanted a dog that could fit in a purse in emergencies, like when her feet her burning, but she’s now 9 pounds so I think she’s too big now. I carried her in purse once when she was a puppy. Does that count?!

    • Lisa

      It’s more like Gloss readers like… watching people with purse dogs? Child brides with purse dogs?

    • Lauren

      Can Margret Thatcher and my imaginary purse dog, Kurt Von Trapp, have a play date? And by play date I mean they can stare at each other while they sit in their purses in their designer outfits.

    • Eve

      I’m sorry Miss Thatcher! Nothing personally against you, I just didn’t see purse dogs as particularly Glossian, nor the Gloss as particularly purse doggian.

    • Jen

      I actually fostered a rescued pitbull, but I really really like this idea of owning imaginary purse dogs.

    • Annie

      I love the way Chihuahuas in particular have mastered that, “If I close my eyes, this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” Face.

    • M

      I have two cats and a soft-sided carrier that barely fits one of them at a time and vaguely resembles a purse. Probably not the same. Also it only gets used in cases of cat-angering emergency.

      I would only ever get a big dog, and then I would need a really big purse, but whenever I’ve had really big purses in the past they’ve quickly been filled with books and then there wouldn’t be room for 70 pounds of Rottweiler anymore. But my future dog’s name is probably going to be Bob because that seems like a good name for a dog with a cube-shaped head. Or, if I end up with a dog that does not have a cube-shaped head, Hetman.

      I would never get a real purse dog, but perhaps one of my future cats will be a travelin’ cat. I’ve considered attempting to turn one of my current cats into a travelin’ cat, but she’s got giant eighties hair and would bring all sorts of dirt from the world inside. So future travelin’ cat. I can definitely see me being one of those crazy people eating breakfast on a restaurant patio with a cat wearing knit booties on a leash under the table, hanging out with Bob.

    • Debbie

      So Margaret Thatcher is cool now? Give me a break.