Elizabeth Banks Will Kill You With Her Loubs

At the premiere last night of her new movie, “Man on a Ledge” star Elizabeth Banks wore some very serious Christian Louboutins. So serious were these shoes that had Banks accidentally stuck her foot out into the aisle of the theater during the film, she might have killed someone by causing them to bleed to death, or at the very least she could have severed the front of their ankle, which is probably a pretty horrible thing to have happen.

But you know what, the shoes are totally cute. Worth it!

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    • Ewa

      “‘You see,’ he went on after a pause, ‘it’s as well to be provided for every-thing. That’s the reason the horse has all those anklets round his feet.’

      ‘But what are they for?’ Alice asked in a tone of great curiosity.

      ‘To guard against the bites of sharks,’ the Knight replied. ‘It’s an invention of my own. “

      • porkchop