Hillary Clinton’s Headband: How Do You Feel?

Were you guys on Twitter last night? For a moment there, we were really surprised by how many people were discussing the State of the Union address . …Which quickly turned into people being discussing Hillary Clinton‘s headband (granted, we follow a lot of fashion blogs, so it’s not really humanity’s fault).

Anyway, you can still see this headband-induced frenzy on Twitter. The Fug Girls, for example, tweeted, “I always read her headband as code for, “JEEZ I HAVE TOO MUCH TO DO RIGHT NOW TO DEAL WITH MY HAIR.” …Which is fair! She’s the Secretary of State! Moreover, we have nothing against headbands (though we tend to only wear them when removing makeup/face washing). That said, we think they can work. Sometimes.

The question is, did you?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • KeLynn

      When I see a headband like that on a woman older than 35, it just reminds me of my mom wearing them to keep her hair out of her face while cooking/cleaning/washing her face. So it seems very much like an “at home” look to me. To be honest, I’m 25 and I already feel like it looks kind of juvenile on me. So…I vote against.

    • Toni

      She is an amazing and powerful woman who should have been President rather than what we are stuck with. I could care less if she shaved her head bald or dyed it pink. We are not talking about all the men’s ties last night or how they looked so who cares about Hillary’s headband. She has enough to do seeing as how someone has to run Obama’s cabinet and it certainly isn’t him. Go Hillary!! You looked cute regardless!

    • Milli

      I wasn’t so concerned with her headband and hairdo as I was her health. Her smile was great, however her face looked “puffy” and she had on a lot of foundation/make-up. The Hillary in past photos did not look this way. I hope she is ok and not having any health issues. We all get older, I feel it already and I’m only 42! Take care Hillary and best of luck to your future in Politics.

    • Dream

      Really The Gloss? The State of the Union address and you comment on Hilary’s headband?

      • superjack

        You may not know this, but the Gloss is a fashion and beauty site. Welcome to here!

    • connie taglinetti

      She looked just fine. Great Woman.

    • Heather

      I was so happy to see the Hillary Headband!! I remember when Clinton was running in ’92 and all the conservative pundits could talk about was how “awful” Hillary was for wearing a headband. Oh noes!! A practical woman may be first lady!! Sigh. I had a headband at that time and wore it *a lot* and used to think of Hillary whenever I did :) So Tuesday night, when I saw her in that sparkly headband, I thought, “wow, she’s really made a turn-around…wearing the ‘headband’ in her own right!”.

    • Georgie Kindler

      My first reaction to the question was : Now hear this Sec. Of State’s
      head band gets top billing over President Obama’s State of The Union
      Message!!!( ? ).
      But since the headband has been made a topic of style I’ll comment
      that from the side view snap shot I think Hillary looks sleek.

    • Mimi

      I think she looks absolutely adorable. I don’t understand what’s the big deal with the headband. I don’t think she looks any less respectable, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to be a little more feminine when you’re a woman. I mean it’s not like she got some nose piercing or something…