The 14 Most Ridiculous Costumes From The Giants vs. Patriots Game (Of Football)

It’s a well-known fact among people who know me that I hate football. When my boyfriend revealed to me that he needed to watch “the game” while we were away on vacation this past weekend, it was like he’d torn off his human face to reveal himself to be some sort of alien/insect creature, so I promptly inserted my earplugs and started reading a book about masochism. (True story!) But the people who go to football games often wear things that showcase how much most straight dudes suck at costumes, and I think that’s funny, so here are some pictures.

(Via BestWeekEver and Getty Images)

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    • Anne

      Because gay men don’t go to football games?

    • reggie

      i like football. But to me showing up like this is almost just as bad as an obese man cross-dressing as a Japanese cartoon character at a comic convention. …Almost.

    • busboy33

      The “Woodhead” guy is a reference to Dan “Woody” Woodhead, #39 on the Pats, who is the most lovable damn guy playing the game (think “Rudy” crossed with a stoner). Its just a piece of wood in his hat/head.

    • Fabel

      Wow, what the hell. I guess my tactics of avoiding all things football have worked so far because I had no idea people looked like this at games.