Party Favors: Grossest Thing You’ll See Today

NSFW! Holy shit is this Terry Richardson penetrating Juliette Lewis?! (Seriously NSFW) -Fleshbot

Are you dating a mobster? -YourTango

Probing questions: are women people? No? -The Hairpin

It’s a girl for Bryce Dallas Howard and the name is cute. -The Stir

The best in beauty from this year’s Globes. -Divine Caroline

And that whole paternity issue. -The Frisky

Kate Beckinsale and other famous ladies who have played vampires. -Betty

H&M says silk trousers for Spring. And fluidity. And “Baby colors.” -Refinery29

Understatement is where the money’s at. -The High Low

This reporter’s style was described as “ketamine casual.” Then she got a makeover. -The Observer

Underwear-wearer David Beckham discusses the new baby. -HuffPost Style

Zoe Saldana makes it look so easy. -The Budget Babe

Keith Richards should always demand your immediate attention. -StyleList

Apparently honey is a cure-all for everything. -YouBeauty

A Louisiana town is banning… pajamas? -Styleite

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