• Thu, Jan 26 2012

Retro Snap: I Bet You Won’t Recognize This Icon

tim burton young

I didn’t, and I really like his movies…

It’s Tim Burton. Although I guess from the steely gaze, maybe you could pick up on it, if you were a much more perceptive person than me. Honestly, they don’t really look entirely different. Here’s an older version of Tim Burton, for the sake of comparison:

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  • Ashley Cardiff

    Oh, man. I thought it was Steve Carell.

  • Meghan Keane

    Woah. I wonder what it would have been like to go to high school with Tim Burton.

  • Lizzie

    I was sure it was Mr. Bean!

  • MR

    I like all of his stuff – yes very inventive, and very artistic.

    • MR

      Jennifer – now you got me curious. What’s your favorite film of his? Guess what’s mine? Yep, she’s in it.