Maxim Identifies Actresses Who Always Look Ready To Argue. We Disagree.

You know what I hate? When I’m walking down the street and some fuckface is all, “smile!” I’m like, “fuck YOU, dude. I’ll fucking smile if I feel like smiling, and right now, I feel like punching you in the fucking face.”

It really bothers me because most of the time, I’m in a perfectly good mood. Not smiling isn’t an indication of being down in the dumps — it’s just how my face naturally looks.

And that’s why I feel for these ladies who Maxim has described as always looking “like they want to start an argument.” It’s just their fucking faces, Maxim, you fucking idiot. Here are some of the photos that Maxim used to illustrate their point, and some of my own captions that describe what I suspect the ladies are really thinking:

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    • Tzefanyah smith

      I do not Know that why does actress not happy with anyone?

    • Jennie

      i hate it when people tell me to smile like if I’m angry. I’m not even a serious person just reserved. Just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m pissed off. What gets me annoyed and angry is when someone tells me to smile.

    • Maggie

      Maxim’s list should really have been called “Women who don’t always give the camera “fuck me eyes” and intimidate the shit out of us so we feel like shaming them in some way.” Assholes.

    • Jo

      I bet some of it might have to do with projecting on the actresses the personalities of the characters they’ve played. I don’t know all of the actresses that well, but we all know Cynthia Nixon’s feisty character on Sex and the City… so maybe that’s part of it. Whatever.

    • jezebel

      I happen to love having “chronic bitch face”