How To Respond When Degenerates Ask You “Why Are You So Dressed Up?”

marion cotillard dior

People. They sure do love making you feel weird about dressing like a human being.

When I say “people” I mean “lousy degenerates.” Here’s how to respond when you are tripping down the street, just feeling good about wearing a pretty dress on a pretty day, because it’s nice to look nice, and someone in sweatpants that read “cantaloupe” across the back looks at you sideways and says “what are you so dressed up for?”

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    • Fabel

      Yesss, amazing.

    • Elizabeth

      I desperately want to know who made the floaty chiffon dress in slide 6.

    • Jinx

      I miss the Misanthropologist. Can we have her back?

      • Jinx

        That’s not to say that I don’t love the current writers, but she was a hoot! :)

      • Jennifer Wright

        In her way, she is always with us.

    • Jodi

      The (somewhat bitchy) response I like to use is “I think the better question is, why aren’t you?” There’s nothing like seeing a wannabe smartass wither right in front of your eyes.

      • Darci

        Yes Jodi. I want to say this to my co-workers so badly. What’s wrong with dressing nice once in a while?

    • Romany

      Omgoooodness! Thank you for the slide show & tips. Definitely a confident booster when it comes to situations like this. Gratzi!

    • Alex

      Thank you! People ALWAYS ask me this question and I find it kind of rude. I usually go with something like, “I feel like if I’ve got nice things in my closet, I might as well wear them.” But I might slip one of these ones in instead one day.

    • Mary

      THANK YOU. I am so sick of having to justify NOT looking like a schlub all of the time. Just because my co-workers put no effort into their appearance doesn’t mean I have to be the same way. (seriously. I work in a lab. I put on a pair of boots and people get confused)

    • Cate

      People ask me that all the time, because I dress like a time traveler from the 1940s. The next time some rude person asks for an explanation of why I look better than they do I am definitely going to use the one about the President of France’s ball.

    • Nancy

      Love it! Thanks! Strangers don’t do that to me, FRIENDS do it. The shittier ones. Sometimes the good ones do but in a truly loving way, if you can imagine that lol The shitty ones however, always do this if I don’t dress like a total slob. Seriously, just a nice shirt or a totally casual dress will have them asking it. Not sure why I’m friends with these people. I’ve just known them for so long, that’s why it took me so long to EVER dress nice. Everytime I used to dress up at all I’d feel self-conscious and actually guilty about it because they’d ask this so often in a really antagonizing way.

    • KeLynn

      “Thank you” – totally brilliant.

    • mm

      genius. this happens daily, EVEN AT WORK. ummmm…because i like nice things?? why AREN’T you dressed nicely?? these are hilarious responses and I’m definitely using “potato”

    • Erica

      I get this often. Even people at work do it. Um since when did looking like you just rolled out of bed at work become the standard?

    • Flavia Style Source

      “I dress for the IMAGE. Not for myself, not for the public, not for
      fashion, not for men.” – Marlene Dietrich (Famous Hollywood actress).

    • Jamie

      excellent. i love but don’t have the balls to do the once-over and “i don’t DO casual” so i’m just going to go with “thank you.”
      and i want all of the dresses in the slideshow, especially the last two red ones. and the stripey sundress. and the 40s shirt dress. ALL THE DRESSES!