Victoria’s Secret Launches High End ‘Designer’ Line

If you’ve ever watched the supreme ridiculousness that is the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and thought to yourself, “Not only is this a legitimate form of entertainment but I also want what’s on display… if only it were more expensive!” …Then you’re pretty hard to pin down, actually. But! The intimates mega-retailer has got your weird ass covered: this week, they launched a fancier line, prosaically named The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection. Details:

The line, which is rendered in shimmery see-through chiffons and trimmed with European lace, ribbons and embroideries, features playful baby dolls, barely there unlined bras, deep-plunge push-up bras, string bikinis, low-cut teddies, garter belts, a kimono and a merry widow corset.

…And it’s nearly sold out since going on sale Tuesday. Prices go as follows (via WWD): Bras retail from $98 to $158; undies and garter belts are $38 to $68; baby dolls and teddies are $158 to $218, and the kimono and merry widow are $120 and $298, respectively.

Here’s a few more shots. Do you like what you see? Or is it… too Victoria’s Secret?

(WWD, Fashionista)

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    • Abigail

      I’ll be honest, unless it’s sewn with thread weaved from gold, I don’t get it. I think it looks exactly like the stuff on their regular website.

    • Amy

      I think it is absolutely stunning, not at all like the old dated VS stuff.
      Extremely sophisticated and worth every penny, about time they did a collection like this!

      • Lizzie

        sophisticated? hmm…

      • MR

        The visuals are very nice. Sophisticated. Yeah, like the difference between a woman in a sexy, one piece bathing suit vs a bikini? Yes, us men like it when women make us use our imagination.

    • Lo

      Even if they halved the prices, I’d only but their stuff if they sorted out their sizing. I need a 28 back, and the website models are, without a doubt, skinnier than me. They don’t even go to a 30, apart from the A and B cups.

      • Lo

        *Buy. Buy their stuff. Bra rage ruins my typing.