Huffington Post Says Curly Hair Is ‘The Worst’

Many of us curly-haired ladies have spent a large part of our lives trying to figure out how to straighten our hair. But after a while, lots of us get tired of trying to conform to stupid beauty expectations, and the constantly brittle hair in which blow-dryers and straighteners result, and we say “fuck it, I’m going fucking curly.”

But the Huffington Post would like to take this moment to remind you — and me — that when we let it be curly, our hair looks like shit. In a post entitled “The Worst On-screen Hair Moments In Hollywood,” the site singles out one curly-haired onscreen character and says the following:

“Emma Stone’s wig in ‘The Help’ had her looking as if she had her hand in an electrical socket, not in the rewriting of history.”

Huh! How about that! Would you like to see what HuffPo’s definition of “looking as if she had her hand in an electrical socket” is? Here you go:

That’s so interesting — that’s actually what I would call “very well-coiffed curly hair that hasn’t been beaten into submission by an unforgiving blow-dryer.” Of course, Emma Stone’s character had a whole subplot about how much she hated her hair, and then a come-to-Jesus moment when she finally figured out how to straighten it, praise be!! But even while I was watching that movie, I remember thinking that she didn’t have bad hair — she just had fucking curly hair.

Anyway, I don’t really want to have to start a curly-hair-acceptance movement here, so let’s just all get on board with the fact that some women have curls, and not all of us want to submit to various overheated ceramic objects every morning. OK? Thanks.

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    • El

      I have uber-curly hair. What most people call ‘curly’, I’d say is more ‘wavy’.

      But I was even thinking about this the other day. If ‘Brave’ ends with the girl having her hair straightened I will stab someone at Pixar to *death*. With a banana.

    • Karen

      Amen and Hallelujah. Those times I declare, “I’m going curly!”, my husband also rejoices, because it means I won’t be an hour late getting ready and I won’t have worked up a sweat to completely undo the shower I just took. (But I still prefer my hair with a blow-out.)

    • Beth

      I have curly hair, and I feel as though it has become a political statement to wear it as it is naturally. My curls are really pretty, but it is hard not to feel insecure about them.

    • Jo

      And meanwhile, I would give my left big toe to have wavy/curly hair… :(

    • Magda

      I love, love, LOVE girls with curly hair! I am always encouraging my curly locked friends to go natural. I love my hair when its curly.

      But maybe its because I used to have stick straight hair as a kid. Like a “grass is greener complex”? But even now, thanks to puberty, that my hair has a bit of a wave/fluffiness to it, I still refuse to straighten it and usually put rollers in it to emphasize the wave. Or actually curl it.

    • Carolyn

      I’m a girl with straight hair and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it curly my whole life….

    • Breezy

      There are a bajillion curl and natural hair-positive tumblrs out there- some have already started the movement for you.

    • Al

      I don’t know if it’s the worst hairdo in film history, but I actually wondered what the hell was wrong with Skeeter’s hair (Emma Stone’s character) throughout the whole movie. Her hair was supposed to be “unladylike” and difficult, just like Skeeter herself. I don’t think it’s anything curly haired women should be offended about!

    • Christa

      As a gal with curly hair, I love it! And I don’t know why Emma Stone’s hair in The Help was criticized so much. I think it looks great!

      PS: the link to the HuffPo article is broken!


      • ely

        If curly hair is so awesome, why have you straightened yours in your profile pic???