Do You Know How To Get Men To Call You Back? A Quiz For Ladies!

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Are you ready to test your lady-smarts? True-false “is this a good idea” quiz time. Okay, let’s rock and roll.

1) I should threaten to burn myself with a cigarette: T/F

2) I should call him to let him know that I am giving him the silent treatment like that girl in that ad. T/F

3) Call him and say “where are you? I haven’t heard from you in a while! I just want an explanation!” Let your voice crack a little bit. T/F

4) Just call every five minutes, like this dude. T/F

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5) Witchcraft spells you found on the internet. They always work! T/F

6) Send naked photos! That will make him notice you, and nothing bad will come out of sending badly lit nude shots in a moment of desperation! T/F

7) Just call him crying. Just bawling your eyes out. Feelings are the best! Everyone loves feelings! T/F

8) Leave a really cool passive aggressive in control message along the lines of “if you aren’t interested in this the way I am then I think we should just break up.” T/F

9) Sit outside his house/workplace for hours so you’ll just happen to run into him and he’ll remember you exist! This will only work if you buy a new dress you cannot afford. Then say “haven’t heard from you in a while, I just want an explanation.” T/F

10) Try to keep any initial messages or texts to him upbeat and not crazy seeming, as you would likely hate to be contacted by a crazy person. Do this even when you feel crazy.  They say that men don’t deal well with overly emotional people, but if a guy called you up shouting “why haven’t you called me back!?” you would probably break up with him immediately/lie and tell him everything was fine, and try to distance yourself as much as possible. T/F

11) Just don’t text or call. Let them inititate contact. Problem solved. T/F

12) Generally let him call you, so if you do call, he knows it’s something pretty significant/awesome. T/F

13) When you talk, make it clear that you’re busy and have a lot of good stuff going on. He knows that you’re not waiting to hear from him, so there’s no pressure, and he won’t feel like he’s going to somehow be in trouble if he doesn’t call. T/F

14) If you call once and he doesn’t call back, you stop calling. He knows you exist and are interested. If he wants to call you back, he will. If he doesn’t, you will let yourself feel sad and angry for a while, but then you’ll remember that it would be awful to be with someone who was not as interested in you as you are in them. T/F

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    • Jennifer

      Definitely guilty of 4,7, and 8. But must admit, the time/waiting it out strategy is wonderful. And it usually always works…if you’re patient enough. If not, resort to strategy no.4. Pull that crazy card. If he likes you enough, he’ll stick around. It’s a great test.

    • Andrea

      I would find it hard to believe women actually resort to this kind of childish behavior, but I’ve actually heard horror stories from my guy friends, so I know it’s true. Have any of these women ever seen or read “He’s Just Not That Into You” it’s a comedy, but deep down there’s some truth! Be an adult and accept it! Stop giving all us women a bad name! :)